Postcards on March 8 - a miniature bouquet of flowers

card a bouquet of flowers
This bouquet can be made by everyone, and most importantly, the most affordable materials will be used for work. for printer). - Water color. - Water tank. - Brushes: large for filling and thin for fine details. - Scissors. - Glue stick. - Pencil. - Line. - Puncher (if any). - Satin ribbon. - Corrugated paper. So, let's get down to business. First of all, take a few sheets of white paper and, after typing on a large brush a little paint and water, unevenly paint over the surface. You can choose soft and pale colors or, on the contrary, bright and catchy colors, depending on which flowers you want to see in the bouquet.
paint the surface
 paint the surface
Leave the sheets to dry. In the meantime, take a clean sheet,draw a rectangle measuring about 11x2.5 cm and hand draw the petals of the future flower.
 need a rectangle
We also need a rectangle of 3x1.5 cm.
need a rectangle
I remind you that the dimensions are approximate, you can change them depending on what size the flower you want to receive in the end. We twist a small rectangle with scissors and make cuts on the smaller side.
 make cuts
Then we twist it into a tube and fix it with glue.
 fix with glue
Cut out a rectangle on which petals are drawn.
 petals are drawn
Now using glue, we begin to wind the petals on the tube, made earlier. If necessary, you can bend the paper, cutting the distance between the petals, thereby evenly distributing them. evenly distributing
The result is such a flower.
 you get such a flower
Let's give it a little color. With a thin brush we will draw stamens and add a drop of pale paint on the petals.
 paint on the petals
From paper that by this time probably already dried, by analogy we do more a few flowers.
 make a bouquet of flowers
Next, from cut strips of paper make stems for flowers. To do this, simply apply a glue on the strip and, fixing one edge obliquely, twist it with a spiral.  twist twist with a spiral When everything the flowers are ready, the stems are stained and left to dry completely.  leave until full dry And not to waste time,we will prepare a tag with a greeting inscription.
 tag with congratulatory inscription
If you do not have a punched punch at hand, you can replace it with a stationery knife. The flowers are dry, the inscription is ready - go to the next step.
 We collect flowers into a single bunch
We collect flowers into a single bunch and tied with thread or with a rubber band - it will be much more convenient to work with them further.
 We collect flowers into a single bunch
Having measured the required amount of corrugated paper, on the edge the smaller side We glue and connect with the opposite. It turns out something like a cylinder.
 Putting flowers into a single bunch
Insert a bouquet into it and evenly distribute the paper, forming a bouquet.
greeting card a bouquet of flowers
Banding with a ribbon with a greeting card.
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