PVC pipe stool

How to assemble a stool made of plastic pipes

We solder the crosses

The basis of our stool will be two crosses of the same size that serve as the upper and lower sides. The following fittings will be needed for one crosspiece: cross piece - 1 piece, connecting tee - 4 pieces, pipe section for dredging - 4 pieces. The length of the pipe is measured by experiment, taking into account the distance for soldering. The finished cross should be square, and its size - less than the size of the stool by a few centimeters on each side. Soldering is done with a plumbing soldering iron, with an optimum time exposure for the selected pipe diameter. The most even cut of PVC pipes is obtained with specialized scissors. However, this tool may not be available to all. You can replace it with a hacksaw, trimming the curvature of the cut with a painting knife. They also remove burrs for better soldering. Tip! The cost of PVC pipes differs depending on the quality, the manufacturer’s company and the destination.For example, pipes for hot water supply are much more expensive than for cold water. For similar products, it is not the type of pipe that matters, but the high-quality and reliable soldering.
PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool

Making the frame of a stool

Using PVC sections of the same diameter, we assemble both crosses together, making the frame of the stool. You can accept the overall dimensions that the author of the video sets in your product. The advantage of PVC pipes as a material is that with inaccurate sizing you can always add solder or, on the contrary, trim the pipe along the length. In our case, it is worth considering the presence of plugs on both sides of the frame. They can be doped through small pieces of pipe, thereby correcting the height of our stool. PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool

We manufacture a stool

Seat stool is called a stool. We make it from a square piece of plywood.The usual size of a stool is 30-35cm. we cut it out with a jigsaw or a hacksaw, filling up the edges along the correct radius. Emery sanding or grinder we process edges and sawn edges along the entire perimeter. We mark four holes for self-tapping screws for fastening the stool to the frame. Replace lightly holes from the front, so that the caps of the screws do not protrude outside. Drill holes with a screwdriver or drill. The bench is almost ready. For more long-term use, you can paint or lacquer it.
Stool made of PVC pipes

We assemble a stool

We set out exactly in the center of the holes the frame of the stool. We make hand screws, and tighten them with a screwdriver or a screwdriver. We check the stability of the stool so that all legs are uniform.
PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool
PVC pipe stool
We have made an excellent example of country furniture, which, thanks to modern materials, will serve faithfully for more than a dozen years.The cost of components is quite low, and for many masters they generally settle as backup in deep stock. We offer you a wonderful way to apply them for the benefit of business and household, because for this they are essentially needed.
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