PVC windows - comparison of characteristics and properties

Anyone who wants his house to be cozy, light and beautiful, when decorating a cottage or apartment, prefers modern plastic windows. But even in the case when there is some idea of ​​what they are and what their merits are, I want to know more. This is the only way to make sure that the mistake is not made and that you do not have to again become perplexed with glazing in the next few decades. Of course, you can compare yourself, specifying all the advantages of almost the same popular wooden and aluminum windows. And you can do it easier and see a comparative analysis.

Comparison of wooden and plastic windows

Wooden windows were until recently the most popular - they were installed everywhere, but this approach was not always justified. If we talk about the advantages of plastic windows over wooden ones, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. Plastic is more durable because it has a dense structure.

  2. Buy PVC windows in Minsk can be much cheaper than natural wooden.

  3. Plastic windows are not subject to insect attacks and destruction when exposed to moisture, temperature, ultraviolet.

Thus, they retain their attractive appearance and all the original performance properties over a long period of time without any additional care efforts by the home owner. The nuance of artificial origin of PVC is of no concern to anyone, since it has been proven that it does not have a harmful effect on a person.

Comparison of aluminum and plastic windows

Aluminum windows are no less popular today, and in some cases are the only reasonable choice. Nevertheless, PVC products remain more popular due to these advantages:

  1. High-quality insulation - not only from dirt, dust, but also from noise, hot and cold air. Aluminum constructions are significantly losing in this respect.

  2. A wider range of variations. The plastic profile can be made in any shade, size and shape, with a different number of air chambers.Aluminum models are much smaller and the range of colors is quite poor. It is easy to verify this if you look even at those offers for which PVC windows are sold by installments and with promotional discounts.

The only indisputable advantage that can be distinguished by aluminum structures is their very light weight, due to which they are suitable for panoramic cold glazing and installation in old houses.

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