Quiz: Do you know how to make friends and truly love

Test "Walk with a dog"

And now answer yourself to the question: "Who did you first draw?"

The figure you do first, "Tells" about you, and the figure you drew the second, talks about your friend. And this is not a certain person, but a kind of collective image of those qualities that you value in friends.

Ifthe first thing you do is draw people, it testifies to your ability to be friends. You treat friends as equals and never seek to devour each other, never argue who is in charge in your relationship, etc.

Iffirst of all you finished the person, and then the dogThis demonstrates your desire for dominance. You do not understand equitable relations in friendship, considering it a boring affair and a waste of time. You like to command your close people so much, subordinating them to your will, that sometimes you even demand from them a report on the fulfillment of your tasks.

Iffirst of all you started a dog, and second you became a man, this, respectively, shows your tendency to subordinate in a friendly relationship. It's easier for you to play the role of the second violin, stay in the shadows and not take the initiative.

Iffirst of all you finished both dogsThis shows that you are opposing your friendship to the whole environment: "Against whom will we be friends?" The reasons for opposition can be very different - from adolescent conflict with adults to deep trauma and frustration in people in general or in a certain category of people. But most importantly, you are looking for exactly such sincere and faithful relationships, which can only be in dogs. And, unlike many, you find them.

Test "Help the dog"

The test shows your ability to empathy.

In front of you is a sad dog. And she really lacks something to set the mood. What? Draw on paper. Draw whatever you want, do not analyze: “This is suitable for the dog, but this is not.”

Test "Help the dog"

What did you draw?

If next to the dog you drewlarger animal, this indicates a certain arrogance, manifested in you at a time when your friends are having problems.You do not refuse to help, but do not miss the moment to repay (yes, this word should be highlighted in bold) a person for his negligence and inability to predict the situation.

If next to the dog you drewanimal of a smaller size, than the depicted dog, this means that you know how to sincerely sympathize, but to help you do not always know how.

If you painted next to the dogrights, it shows your indifference. The problems of others for you are something far and foreign, extra trouble.

If youbuilt a dog house, a kennel, put a litter, run into the house, this means that you always (morally and physically) will warm the person who is in trouble. You are not afraid to be responsible for suddenly falling on you business, always keep promises. All your friends can be calm: you will not be lost!

Collar, muzzle, corral, cage.If you have finished painting the dog with similar details, it means that the problems of others give you a damn. You deliberately do not interfere in their affairs, believing that everyone must get out of the swamp.

Water, food(any, even one that dogs do not eat)food related attributes(a bowl, a spoon, a cup),cooking food- if you added such details, it means that you will not pass by the needy and will surely help the person who is in trouble. And not necessarily a friend. You cannot calmly look at the suffering of others. And because you rush to all to the rescue. Your problem is that sometimes such "care" can turn out to be unceremonious. Although this is a matter of ethics and specific situations. In any case, even such assistance is much better than none.

Test "Water and Boat"

The test will show your attitude to love.

Before you next drawing. Finish it in a way that gives the image a finished look. Mandatory conditions - should depict the background and people.

Test "Water and Boat"

What are you portrayed?

If youturned the boat into an old and unusable(finished the gaps, holes, focused on old wood), this means that your attitude to love at the moment leaves much to be desired. Now you are not able to build normal stable love relationships for two reasons:

  • you are young and inexperienced, and therefore you make silly mistakes in interpersonal relationships;
  • You have suffered a love drama and have not yet recovered from the wound, and therefore do not rush to start a new relationship.

If youfortified the boatThis means that you know how to love and want to build (or have already built) a strong union.

Sail. If you have supplemented the boat with sails, this means that you are ready to develop relationships and work on them. A feeling of love has never been superfluous for you.

Without sails. If you did without sails, this indicates that you do not know what to do with a feeling of love. The state of love and love frightens you more than pleases.

Water. What does your reservoir look like?

Stormy sea with big waves.Love for you is something comprehensive, passionate, violent, insane. This is something that can confuse you and plunge into the very depths of the senses.

If you are portrayedquiet water without waves, this means that your love usually flows smoothly, calmly, mentally, without tears and hysterics. Your love is very similar to the warm feelings that you have for close relatives and friends.

If you paintedreservoir teeming with dangerous freshwater or marine animals- crocodiles, sharks, poisonous jellyfish, prickly hedgehogs, sharp corals (yes, corals are also sea animals, and very ancient ones), this means that you are afraid to fall in love, considering this feeling as unsafe.

Skyshows the warehouse of your thinking. If you painted in the skynight, moon, stars, gulls at sunset, it means that you are an incorrigible romantic.

If your sky shinesbright sunso that you can see where to swim, and in the skywindy and windinflates the sails, it means that even to love you come from a practical point of view.

People. What do they do?

If your heroes are justhold hands(that is, you drew a standard, socially known image of a couple in love), this means that at the moment you are not yet ready to open your heart to another or are tired, unprepared for testing.

If the samepeople actively interact:

  • work together with oars
  • one sits on the nose and commands where to swim,
  • point at something to each other, discuss something, etc., -

All this means that you know how to love and know how to make both of them work on relationships.

If from the people represented by yousomeone works, one is resting, or one is telling something, and the other is not listening / sleeping / wants to leave the boat, this means that your love relationships are going through hard times: one tries, pulls everything on himself, and the other does not make any effort, he lives "on the ready".

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