Rack as an interior partition

You will need
  • - shelving
  • - books,
  • - vases,
  • - souvenirs.
With the help of the shelves recreate the conceived design in the room. So, divide the space into different zones. Choose a stylish rack that will harmoniously fit into the interior. In addition, the rack must be multifunctional. Currently there are a lot of interesting and stylish models in stores. If your living space is limited, choose a rack with drawers from the bottom. There you will fold clothes, bedding and other household items. The upper shelves of such a rack should be as transparent as possible. If you do not force them into books, the shelves will let in sunlight.
If the rack does not have through holes, then it can be an obstacle to the light coming from the window. In this case, make additional ceiling lighting in the area that is fenced off by the rack.The partition rack in the apartment can separate the hallway from the living area. If you cannot find suitable sizes, make a rack to order. In its lower part there should be compartments for storing shoes and things, and the upper part can remain open. When ordering one rack, look and other furniture for the hallway in the same style. So, you have a whole ensemble.
In the interior of the living room, the original rack, in harmony with the upholstered furniture, will create a cozy corner for relaxation. You do not need to use a high partition. A cabinet with a height of 1-1.2 meters will look great next to a sofa and a coffee table. Put books and interesting statues on the shelves of the shelving in the living room. Here you can arrange souvenirs brought from different countries.
If you live in a studio apartment, in which there is no special niche for a bed, the shelving will help to equip an area for a night rest. In this case, choose a high partition, reaching the ceiling. Or you can move a small rack to a bed or sofa with a flat-screen TV on it. So, you can watch TV, lying and sitting on the couch.Shelving-partition will be a lifesaver when separating the working area in the room from the living. In the working area is usually a chair, a computer desk and various equipment. To the extensive network of wires did not spoil the overall style in the living room, put the rack.
If you want to select a dining area, you will also need a shelving. However, try to put it so that it does not look like an obstacle in the middle of the room, or choose a narrow rack. Designers are advised not to hide the dining set, but to locate it closer to the window or balcony.
In the children's room, place the rack in such a way that it separates the sleeping and play area from the desk. This zone may be very small. Here the child can easily concentrate on the lessons, he will not be distracted by the toys in the play area. Place textbooks, notebooks, drawing supplies, clay and other items on the shelves of the rack.

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