Ribbon Star

Make a star out of ribbon easier than ever. Using instead of tape, thread or rope you can achieve a completely different effect. 1. Materials and tools: • Shiny tape. • • Kebab sticks. • Thermoglue. • • Scissors. • • Knife.
 Materials and Tools
2. Sharpen sticks from the second side.
 Sharpen sticks
3. We glue the sticks at a small angle. We glue
4. After gluing all the rods, this star should turn out.
 get a star
5. We glue the places of intersection of the rods.
6. We drip glue on the top of the star and start wrapping the star beam with a ribbon.  starting to wind 7. Two beams are ready. It remains to repeat the procedure with all the rays.
 Two beams are ready
8.We glue small bows made from the same tape.
 We glue small bows
9. A shiny star is ready. If you take a good look, you can see what a star is in a star.
 Star from the ribbon

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