Round Gift Box

A round gift boxwith your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick paper (cardboard);
  2. scissors (paper knife), glue, compasses, pencil, ruler;
  3. colored pencils, markers, marker.

Step 1

First we make the box itself.

Take thick paper or cardboard. Draw a circle (with the necessary diameter) and draw a rectangle with a width (height) that you need, and consider the length by the formula l = 2Pr (circumference = 2 * Pi * radius or = Pi * diameter) and plus 1 cm for gluing places. We also retreat 1 cm on the wide side from above and draw a line - there will also be a gluing point and a fold line. Now cut a circle and a rectangle.

Decorate the rectangle.

Step 2

Take a ruler, attach to the fold line and not cutting, but as if squeezing, draw along the line with scissors.

Step 3

Take a rectangle and the mode of gluing "on the tinsel."First, divide the entire length with a pencil into segments of 0.5 cm and cut them with scissors (or a paper knife). Now attach the ruler to the fold line and bend the “tinsel” inwards

Step 4

Take a rectangle and glue it into a circle (width). Put glue on the tinsel and glue the bottom of the box.

Step 5

Make a gift box lid.

We also draw a circle and a rectangle on paper (cardboard), the diameter of the cover should be greater than the diameter of the box of 1-2 mm. Then cut, decorate, if necessary.

Repeat the same steps as before with the box.

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