Santa Claus paper applique

The most beloved children's New Year’s character is, of course, Santa Claus. Paper application depicting this universal pet will cause great interest among children of any age. And in order to make the application on “Santa Claus” even more interesting, you can make some of its elements voluminous - children really like it when a flat paper sheet turns into a voluminous, tangible thing.

Santa Claus paper application

Santa Claus paper applique

In addition to colored and white paper, you will need a simple pencil, glue (you can take glue-pencil) and scissors.

 Pencil, glue and scissors Pencil, glue and scissors

From paper, we cut out patterns of our application. If the craft is made with very young children, you can make templates in advance. If children of preschool and school age make it, we trust them to cope with this task on their own.We need: a red triangular cap, a pink round face, a small red round nose, two black round eyes, a rectangular white edge and a round pompon for the cap, as well as long white stripes for the beard.

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