Satin Ribbon Satin

Satin bezel ribbons
Jewelry, created by yourself, brings a lot of joy, especially if it is a good gift to a loved one. Creating such a thing, you try to put your soul into it and charge it with the positive and the promise of the best. The rim in delicate pink tones made of satin ribbons will be a wonderful decoration for the little fashionable woman's hairstyle and emphasize the tenderness of her face and glitter of her eyes. To create the rim we will need the following materials and tools: - three types of satin ribbons of width 2, 5 cm (pink, crimson and white); - a piece of pink cloth (mesh) - a simple plastic rim; - glue (you can use a "hot gun, and maybe glue for ceiling tiles, it fits on consistency for working with fabric); - threads and needle, scissors, lighter; - od an interesting disk.  Satin Ribbon Bezel
We start by creating colors from satin ribbons.Carefully seal the edge of the ribbon with a lighter, turn it to a corner and form the middle of the rose bud.
 Headband of satin ribbons
 Bezel of satin ribbons
From the seamy side we sew the middle of the bud, and, so that it does not disintegrate, we sew every two rounds, turning the ribbon almost twice and bending it (this is how we form rose petals).
 Satin Ribbon Bezel
 Satin Ribbon Bezel
Now trim the ribbon with a small margin, solder the edge of the ribbon with fire and turn down, making the last petal. One rosette is ready.
 Headband of satin ribbons
Making exactly the same roses of white and crimson ribbons.
Bezel of satin ribbons
Glue a piece of mesh on a cotton pad.
 Bezel made of satin ribbons
glue roses on top set cotton pads and then the other third. Glue over roses.Give dry.
 Bead of satin ribbons
While the decoration is drying, we put a bead on the bezel with a pink satin ribbon, we set the end of the tape at the edge of the rim with glue and oblique wrapped around. From the other end we also fix with glue. In principle, it is possible not to do this if the color of the rim fits the color of dyeing. Now we glue a cotton pad to the rim. Dry well. Bezel is ready and looks just great!
Satin Ribbon Bezel

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