Second Life of a Shabby Sofa

Life does not stand still, and all things eventually become worthless, acquire an untidy appearance. Prices for goods are also growing rapidly, and the financial capabilities of our compatriots do not always allow us to update our wardrobe or change furniture in a house overnight. What to do if the home interior needs improvement, and there are no funds to purchase a new property? You can go in one of two ways: either wait for the best times to come, or show imagination and try to improve your life by yourself. Let's look at how this can be done using the example of an old sofa. A similar piece of furniture will surely be found in every home. Such things are far superior in quality to samples made by modern industry. The restored sofa is in excellent condition - it is not shattered and is not broken. The only thing you need to do is improve its appearance, make it more modern. old sofa
To work we need the following equipment and materials: 1. Fabric of two colors (depending on the length of the product and the size of the cushions). 2. Furniture stapler. 3. Staples for stapler. 4. Sewing thread with a needle. 5. Shears. 6. Sewing machine. Sequence of work 1. Freeing the sofa from the pillows, pushing the front bar.
 Freeing the sofa from the pillows
2. Preparing the fabric for the upcoming work. We decided to use two types of fabric in our work (soft, ribbed material in a nice coffee color and smooth upholstery fabric of a calm color).
 Preparing the fabric for the upcoming work
3. We process the front bar and the back of the sofa. We spread the selected fabric on a flat surface and cut out the rectangular parts in accordance with the dimensions of the furniture.
 We process the front bar
4. With the help of a stapler we fasten material withthe inside of the plank.
 we fix the material from the inside
5. We wrap the corner of the sofa section with a cloth.
 Turn the fabric around the corner
6. We fix the material on the back side of the wooden part.
 Fixing material from the reverse side
7. We fasten the fabric from the bottom side of the slide bar.
 Fixing the fabric from the bottom side
8. Getting to design the back. Using the stapler once again, fasten the cut piece to the vertical surface of the sofa.
 proceed to the design of the back
9. The product after this will look like this.
 will look like this
10. We start decorating cushions.We cut out rectangular parts according to given dimensions, not forgetting to leave an allowance for seams.
 Let's start decorating
11. We sew the cut material on a sewing machine.
 Sew the cut material
12. So it will look like a finished case. After processing it needs to be turned out.
 ready case
13. We stretch the sewn cover onto the sofa cushion.
 We stretch the stitched case
14. Fold the fabric inside the cover and gently sew the raw side of the product.
 Fold the fabric inside the case
15. Similarly, we make covers for all sofa cushions.
second life of a worn sofa
So, without much trouble, the old thing gets a chance to live a second life. A family - the opportunity to reduce the cost of buying new furniture.We wish you success in all further creative endeavors!
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