Sewing Tips and Tips

We still had some interesting sewing tricks for us that sew. It turns out that sewing a hook neatly is not at all difficult. You just need to take the right thread.

But in this way you can easily fold. And I somehow suffered from the insertion into the blouse, several times I snapped up and again stitched in places, so that there would be even folds.

The folds laid flat, now, so that they do not run away, we creak them with masking tape and we will sew (if we need to flash it) along the transverse openings between the strips of ribbons. Well, how easy it is!

Here is a very useful tip. Those fabrics that are difficult to sew and thick seams are much easier to sew through a piece of bag, the needle slides better than tracing paper. Only the package needs to be transparent.

But the fabric is delicate, on which the foot does not slide, it is easier to sew, sticking pieces of scotch tape on the foot. The painter again, is removed without a trace.

A simple way to always keep thread scissors at hand. Glue the plastic hook to a convenient place on a typewriter (such hooks are already sold with a sticky layer)

Glue a pair of magnets on the back of the saucer so that the pins do not fall apart.

Interesting pocket

The right pocket: the exact location (1 ″ = 2, 54 cm), the rest is easily calculated

How to sew Velcro

  • When we cut, we try to do it without touching the hooks and loops that make up the velcro. Cut to size
  • Let's combine hooks and loops in several places now - for stability
  • Set the thread tension for medium or heavy fabrics.
  • Make sure that the needle in the machine is sharp and heavy-duty and lubricate it with lubricant.
  • If there is, replace the foot with a special one. If there is no such foot, we will direct the needle to the left or to the right, depending on the side we sew and sew precisely along the edge.
  • Beeswax can be used to lubricate the needle.
  • Never use stickies that have a sticky side; they will only make sewing difficult and the needle will be smeared.



Tricky way to make a beautiful frill immediately on the sewing machine


We fasten with pins (away from the place where the line will be laid). Pocket, note already ready: hemmed and processed.

How to secure the corners of the pockets

Sometimes it is easier to fit the skirt without darts.We sew a drawstring belt to the back panel of the skirt and insert a wide elastic band

Convenient idea for scissors that rub fingers.

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