Shambala - what is it?

Lyubov Polishchuk
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Shambala - what is it?

The mythical country in the depths of Tibet or other environs of Asia, which is mentioned in several different ancient texts, is called Shambhala. Nobody has authentically known what this is; nobody has confirmed or refuted the generally accepted opinion. Tibetans say that this mythical country is in three dimensions: astral, physical, and etheric. This country is the home of sages, which cannot be reached without an invitation.

Shamballa bracelets

More recently, the Shambala bracelet has become quite popular. What is it? It is believed that these bracelets have unique properties in terms of energy: they bring peace of mind and protect against negative influence.

The manufacturing company "Tresor Paris" is famous for Shambhala bracelets made of semi-precious stones that are loved by customers of this brand. When creating accessories, the company uses synthetic fianites and mineral hematites.

The company Shamballa Jewels, founded by the brothers Mads and Mike Cornerap, uses exclusively precious metals and the best high-quality stones to create bracelets for Shambala.Shambala bracelets from �Shamballa Jewels� have the energy of creation, embodied in the symbolic signs of the star Shambhala and lightning.

The Nialaya company launches Shambala bracelets, which are filled with the energy of searching for the truth within themselves. Each decoration of this brand is unique. When creating an accessory use precious and semi-precious stones, carefully selected for each other.

Note: what the Shambala bracelet means in fact, you need to check with the seller before you buy, in order not to get an unnecessary or harmful thing.

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