Sherbet with peanuts

Sherbet with peanutsis a recipe.


  1. peanuts 1 cup;
  2. milk (maximum fat content) 1 cup;
  3. sugar sand 3.5 glasses;
  4. Butter 80g.


Pour the milk into the dishes and add 3 cups of sugar (0.5 ct. leave for later). Constantly stirring, put the milk on a small fire and boil for 30 minutes.

Fry the peanuts in a pan until golden brown, so that the husks are easily removed.

The turn came up to the deferred part of sugar: pour sugar on a dry frying pan to make caramel, and sherbet could turn brown. Add cooked caramel to the milk sugar syrup.

Cook until done. On average, sherbet will be ready in an hour of boiling. Add the butter.

The bottom of the mold is covered with baking paper and the nuts fall asleep. Next, fill the future sherbet and transfer to a cool place to set.When the sherbet is completely frozen, it can be served with tea.

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