Sliding wardrobes: relevance, variety, design, raw materials for manufacturing, frame, surface

Sliding wardrobes are an integral element of modern design of residential apartments and houses, offices, industrial facilities. By way of attachment, they are divided into stand-alone and embedded.

Cheap built-in wardrobes to order are characterized by the absence of an external frame or partially have it. The internal frame of the built-in wardrobes is attached mainly to the walls, floor and ceiling, in other words, embedded in the interior. Often the manufacture of cloakrooms to order occurs precisely with such internal frames. Frameworks, which stand separately, are installed independently of the ceilings and walls, they are sometimes used separately. The material for the manufacture of the frame and the internal parts of the cabinets is often LDSP of various shades. Today, wardrobes,made of monophonic material or having the appearance of textured wood stains. Inexpensive models of designs from the manufacturer are varied in texture and color. In their filling are added various elements of built-in accessories, trousers, shoe boxes, small-clothes baskets, drawers and other equipment that increases the convenience of using the closet. The facade of the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe consists of the backbone and the insertion element . The armature is made of aluminum material, which has a variety of manufacturing options in shades and dimensions, and, possibly, their execution from metals or from materials of color that imitate wood. The insertion part is multivariate, the material for its manufacture can be made of MDF, MDF with a surface PVC film, a mirror of the most fashionable colors, decorated with sandblasted pattern or without a pattern, exquisite mirrors with the presence of a formed image, glass with the presence of photo prints or covered with a film without a pattern, universal glass corrugated or with a smooth surface, glass covered with 3D film,plastic from acrylic of various widths, natural bamboo, leather substitute of stylish textures and shades, rattan and other materials. For the manufacture of wardrobes, raw materials of excellent quality and new materials that meet all the requirements of the woodworking industry are used. Their use for the production of wardrobes allows you to improve the appearance of products and increase the functionality of the internal parts.

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