Smash a glass in a dream, a dream book

The interpretation of the dreams of the glasses in the dream books varies greatly. Most often they predict frustration and disappointment. But there are also positive interpretations: glasses in a dream speak of a happy future, good luck and joyful meetings.

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Why dream glasses in a dream?
Why dream glasses in a dream?

Dream interpretation of Simon Canaanite

If a healthy person sees a glass in a dream, he will be happy. For a patient, such a dream promises a quick recovery.

Culinary dream book

Be prepared for the fact that you will try to impose a society unpleasant person for you. This will create many difficulties for you.

Spring dream book

A dream about the glasses of wine that you hold in your hand indicates that people treat you favorably. They wish you well and well-being. If the glass was empty, be prepared that your friend will treat you insincerely. Break a glass - wait for the move.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in a dream you saw a glass, but it is out of your reach, ridiculous rumors will spread about you. If you refused a glass with a drink, wait for annoying circumstances.A glass as a gift is a good sign. You will become the owner of a large state, having received your inherited share. This dream may still mean an increase in work.

If a girl sees a glass in a dream, she will soon become a mother. If a sick person drinks from a golden goblet, he will slowly but surely recover. Smash a glass in a dream - to the disease. Empty glasses in a dream - you will be lonely or lose something.

Autumn dream

Drinking from a beautiful precious glass is a bad omen. You will have to learn first hand what poverty and need are. To prevent this development is unlikely to succeed.

Dream Dream Thelomena

A glass of crystal - to great trouble, the consequences of which will be felt for a long time. Clink glasses - to gossip and intrigue against you. Even your close ones can betray you at any moment, so you must act very carefully. You can save only common sense.

To see glasses in a dream - to the chagrin and trouble in communication. You will have to contact a person who will annoy you terribly with your obsession. Smash a glass is an auspicious sign.Such a dream promises success and good luck over a long period of time. You will have time to realize your plans and solve problems. Fortune will be favorable to you, so dare and begin to act without delay. A broken glass can still mean minor losses, but you are not particularly upset about them.

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