Snowy Christmas ball with a snowflake

Making a beautiful decoration on the Christmas tree -Snow Christmas ball with a snowflake.

Materials and tools:

  1. Christmas ball (blank);
  2. white sparkles;
  3. snowflake sticker;
  4. glue for decoupage;
  5. E6000 glue or similar glue;
  6. brush;
  7. funnel;
  8. bowl;
  9. tablespoon.

Step 1

Pour glue for decoupage into a bowl and add water in proportions 2: 1 (1 spoon of glue and 2 spoons of water).

Take the Christmas ball, insert a funnel into the hole, pour the glue solution inside and shake it so that the glue covers the entire inner surface of the ball. Pour glue from the ball.

Step 2

While the glue is not dry, pour spangles inside the ball.

We put a funnel into the hole of the ball (use another crow and wash the previous glue from the glue), fill in the glitter, about half. Shake the ball, pour the excess sequins.

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