Glass souvenirs - an original gift and stylish apartment decor

Today it is very difficult to surprise someone with a gift, choosing it in regular stores. But it is possible to please relatives, friends or colleagues by ordering souvenirs from glass. This wonderful material is surprisingly suitable for the manufacture of such products, and in combination with laser engraving, it gives a stunning effect.

Products from glass - souvenirs, unlike other

When ordering an individual gift for loved ones, you can put a special meaning into it and capture a piece of your love. Laser engraving and color printing allows you to put on the glass any image, photo or inscription. Such an original gift for the wedding ceremony or its anniversary, birthday, anniversary, will long delight with its beauty and warm memories.

Glass souvenirs

For business representatives, glass souvenirs are a unique opportunity to encourage the team and improve the company's image. Giving employees charms, flash drives, lighters, candlesticks with engraving, will be able to improve their mood and improve performance. And as a sign of special respect for partners, it is proposed to make a VIP-gift of the original form and with a refined image. Cheap glass souvenirs with a company logo, ordered in bulk, will impress customers and serve to promote the business.

Glass products are widely used as premium products. Magnificent medals and prizes with the subject of any sport, art or other activity are made from this material. The choice of the proposed form and design is huge, and customer ideas are welcome.

Glass souvenirs for interior decoration

Glass objects with laser engraving or printing are in demand not only as gifts, they are also in demand for decorating an apartment or house. Transparent crystals of classic and bizarre configurations are fascinating, and new technologies provide ample opportunities for the realization of the most unusual ideas. With their help, unique masterpieces that amaze the imagination are created.Such decorations for the interior will enliven any room and make it stylish.

Photos in crystal are in high demand. This is a great option for a portrait of a child or wedding shots. The photo in glass is formed as a result of the material being burned out inside the crystal form by a laser beam using a computer program.

A three-dimensional image is created that accurately conveys the maximum resemblance to the original and even the slightest nuances. Complicated drawings are made without deforming the material, with minimal thermal and mechanical stress. The photo is not afraid of damp, it will not fade, it will not burn out in the sun.

With this method you can create not only portraits, but also landscapes, photos of your favorite animals, any picture. Such posters will perfectly decorate not only an apartment, but also any restaurant or cafe. They will give the institution a special charm, create a cozy atmosphere and attract customers.

Among the additional advantages of products should be noted the low price of the material and work. This fact, combined with originality and aesthetics, makes souvenirs made of glass with laser engraving and photo printing extremely popular.

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