Spongebob Square Pants Crocheted

The craze for our children by cartoons gives space and our fantasies. Moreover, children often ask for the toy of their favorite hero. So I had to meet the wishes of my child, or rather, my beloved granddaughter. To knit Sponge Bob Square Pants you will need foam sponge, multi-colored threads, preferably those colors that are used to draw the characters in the cartoon.
hands sponges
So, let's start with the most difficult - with a hand knitting and three fingers. My threads were BABY, the length of which is 100 g - 360 m, I knitted crochet number 3, quite tightly. We form an open loop, on it in the center we knit 6 loops without crochet and connect them. In the second row, the number of loops is doubled and we knit a hand about 8 cm long. We increase the number of loops by 6 and knit 3 rows, then add 3 loops and knit 3 more rows.We divide the loops into about 3 parts, it should make 7 on each finger and knit each finger separately. We hide the thread inside. The upper part of the hand is left on the open loop, it is not necessary to tighten it. Hide the thread inside, and knit in each loop in two and knit 4 rows. This is our shirt. I tied it in yellow, but, actually, it should be white.
The legs are knitted as well as the handles with yellow thread 8 cm by 6 loops. Then we finish the white socks down 5 rows, then increase the number of loops 2 times and knit 3 more rows. At the top, with blue threads (in a cartoon, though, pants are brown), we knit the same way as a shirt. Black threads knit heels for 12 loops (1st row - 6, then increase) somewhere in 8 rows. But the shoes themselves knit on 9 loops in the first round, then 18 loops in the 2nd, only 14 rows, considering the expansion and contraction of the canvas. Before closing the loops we stuff shoes with a sintepon. We sew heels, center (start knitting) sew inside, then they turn out tight and like real ones.
We combine shoes with legs, embroider laces.
sponge bob
Let's start knitting Spongebob itself. By the size of the washcloths, and I have it 12 * 17 * 3 cm, we begin to knit the canvas with columns without crochet. I started with a yellow color. Just enough to start tying out the clothes. Shirt with white threads knit 6 rows, blue trousers with 20 rows, then again 6 rows with white. Next, we continue to knit with yellow thread until the fabric is closed on the back of our sponge.
Now we start to knit eyes. In the first row we collect 6 loops with blue threads, the second row with blue ones, expanding the canvas by 2 times, and the third and last row is knitted with white threads. Increasing the number of loops to 18.
 Spongebob crocheted
Now we embroider the eyelashes, we make the eyes glare. Sew on eyes. We knit 2 teeth - these are two squares for 5 loops 4 rows. Sew them and sew the mouth. Spout fit on 6 loops round the 8 rows. Do not forget about the necktie and shirt collar.
Spongebob crocheted
Sew on legs to pants and put on a sponge.
Spongebob crocheted
Now we have to knit the side part on the same principle, as long as the color of the shirt and the pants match.
Spongebob crocheted
Immediately sew hands.
Spongebob crocheted
Take the sidewall to the main canvas.
Spongebob crocheted
And tied around the perimeter with ordinary columns, at the corners do not forget to knit 3 columns for expansion.
Spongebob crocheted
Our Spongebob in all its glory at the computer.
Spongebob crocheted
Oops! He is going to work tomorrow! How can he without his signature hat? She fit simply.
Spongebob crocheted
Well, now you can go to work! Spongebob is ready to play with your kids!

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