Spring application from plasticine

Spring is the most gentle, warm and bright season, which awakens not only dormant nature, but also the creative beginning of adults and children. With great pleasure and interest the children create various works on the spring theme, especially if these works are different from what they have already tried and learned to do. For example, a spring applique made of plasticine, modeled on a CD, will surely cause the children's interest and the desire to start creativity.

Spring Applique from Plasticine

Spring Applique from Plasticine

To create it you will need:

an old unnecessary CD (you can replace it with a circle of thick cardboard);


plastic rolling pin (wooden is better not to use, it will be difficult to mark th);


Getting started.

Putting the CD on the table in front of you.


You can put an oilcloth under it orplastic plate to protect the work surface.

Take a lump of blue clay, turn it into a cake, which cover the upper half of the disk - the one that is above its central hole. You can pinch the clay from a large piece and gradually stick around the disc. Align the surface with a rolling pin.

 Glue the blue plasticine

Glue the blue plasticine

Plasticine, which went beyond the edge of the disk, we are careful cut off the stack.

Cut off the excess

Cut off the excess

In the same way, cover the bottom of the disc with green clay.

 Align plasticine with a rolling pin

Align plasticine with a rolling pin

We also align the surface with a rolling pin and cut off its edges. We get a fragment of a green spring clearing with a bright blue sky above it.

= "blue sky and green glade" /wp-content/uploads/2016/02/va12.jpg "alt =" Blue sky and green meadow "width =" 400 "height =" 395 ">

Blue sky and green meadow

Now we will plant flowers in the meadow - primroses.

We roll a small ball of white clay,we knead it into a flat cake.

 White plasticine

White plasticine

Stack cut from this cake the head of primrose, pointed up.

Stack cut snowdrop

Use the stack to cut a snowdrop.

Make several such heads of different sizes.

Some more colors

Some more colors

We place these heads on our landscape.

We have flowers on our plasticine background

Arrange the flowers on our plasticine background

Now you need to stick a small stalk to each head - a thin green plasticine sausage.

We attach the stem to the colors

Prikr we shoot stalk colors

Even if the stalks overlap each other, this will only make the picture look more natural.

 Stems and flowers

Stems andflowers

We place little leaves under each stalk.

 Attaching the foliage

Attaching the foliage

Remains to be completed landscape bright spring sunshine. To do this, we roll a small yellow ball, flatten it.

 Yellow plasticine

Yellow plasticine

Stack we cut the rays and fasten our sun on the application .


Picture from plasticine "Spring"

We have made a wonderful applique from plasticine! Spring flowers on it bask in the rays of the gentle sun, and the sky attracts the views with its blue.

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