Steam Warming

Qualitatively insulated bath in general and steam bath in particular - the guarantee of efficiency of bath procedures. You should not save on a heater for a steam room, in the future it will have a negative effect on its characteristics. And in addition to insulate the already finished room is not a simple and costly thing. Therefore, you need to insulate the steam room from the floor. You can use two options. First.In the place of the future steam room you need to remove the soil. It will be enough to go 30 cm deep. Cover the bottom with sand and compact it. As a result, there should be a cushion of sand with a thickness of at least 10 cm. Then a layer of expanded clay, about 20 cm, is poured and spilled with a solution of cement and sand. Not less than a day later foam is laid on top of the dried screed. Its thickness is usually 10 cm. Next comes a reinforcing mesh, over which a cement or concrete screed is poured. It is done with the necessary slopes, to a prepared drain for water. On top of the screed, you can put a wooden ladder of rails or bars. And you can make a full floor with logs and boards.Only between them it is necessary to leave at least 5 mm clearance for water passage.
 Weatherious steam
Second.The lag is crammed on the bottom edge of one and the other side. On them spreads a rough floor. In this case, the board is used with a thickness of 25 mm. Top cover all waterproofing material. Between the lags I fall asleep expanded clay, or lay mineral wool, to their upper level. Then again lay a layer of waterproofing. And the last is a grooved floorboard. This option is applicable in the steam rooms, where a large amount of water will not spill onto the floor. It is necessary to start to insulate the walls with the sheathing device. To the walls are attached bars of 50 * 50 mm.
 Warming of a steam room
The distance between the bars should be made a couple of centimeters less than the size of insulation that will be laid there.
 Weatherious steam
Next, on top of the insulation, directly to the bars, the foil is attached.
 Thermal insulation of a steam bath
It will give a steam bath thermos effect. The foil is mounted still lathing from the bar, without it, the effect of a thermos is impossible. Wall paneling is sheathed with clapboard.
Weatherious steam
The most common use is lime, or aspen.
 Warming the steam room
Warming the ceiling, we must remember that its insulation must be twice as thick as the insulation of the walls. For this purpose it is suitable as expanded clay, which is filled from the attic side, and mineral wool. Do not neglect and fire protection. All contiguities to the heater and the place of passage of the pipe must be isolated with non-combustible materials based on asbestos or basalt.  Steam Warming
Following these rules, the steam room will give you a lot of pleasure.
 Warming the steam room

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