Stroller Envelope

The truth is said that all ingenious is simple. So with the implementation of this master class. As a result, you get a little masterpiece - a stroller card. That in itself is already a gift, besides toys, pinets, raspashonok. Since the pram will remain for long memory, and the postcard-envelope, with a nth sum of money, financial assistance to young parents. And then, the birth of children is a miracle and a holiday. It is the birthday of the most special and significant, so why not make this wonderful day even more warmth and love. After all, gifts made with their own hands carry great love and tenderness, and sometimes even serve as a talisman. So let’s get started. We arm ourselves with cardboard (scrapbooking paper), glue, hole punching and borders, compasses. Without clothespins, fantasy, free time and good mood, too, in any way. as you can see the set is minimal. If you do not have punches and other special attributes, then you have two options: 1. contact a friend, which I did; 2. do without them, do not necessarily exactly repeat this model. cardboard in combination with fabric, beads, threads and other things, it looks also very presentable.The main creative approach. At the base I have two colors - yellow and green. Since the stroller for the long-awaited child. Therefore, everything is bright and cheerful. Cut out the base of the stroller. These are two semicircles and a connecting strip. Size at your discretion (the compass put on 4.5 cm.) All glued together.
Making a roof. We cut stripes 1,5cm * 14cm, we make the outermost strip longer, approximately 16-17cm, depending on which paper is at the base. Better to try everything in advance. Our dome can be made square, like me, or oval, at your discretion. As you can see in the photo, I combined the colors - on the yellow stripes I pasted green stripes with the decor, on green, yellow. Again, there are many options. The main thing is my favorite clothespins.
 base of the duck
The handles were made simple, and with the help of a regular toothpick (the nippers came to the rescue, easily made a toothpick of the right size) connected them, puncturing in the middle of pens. Decorated, glued lace. Voila, done. Successful experiments.
Stroller envelope
Stroller envelope
 Stroller envelope

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