Country workshop: flowerbed and "green wall" in terracotta pots

Master this simple master class, and soon all country guests will ask you for advice and give you compliments for a successful design solution. At the same time materials for an unusual flower garden quite inexpensive!

Let's get started

1. Suspended “wall” of terracotta (made of baked clay) pots.

Mark the holes for the pots on the board. To keep the pots well on the shelf, cut a circle 5 mm smaller than the circumference of the pot rim.

When the shelves are ready, proceed to their consolidation.

The “wall” of flower pots is ready! You can proceed with the next project.

2. Hemispherical flower bed.

Spread the pots in a circle. Connect them together first with hot glue, then with high-speed “liquid nails”. Create a hemisphere from pots, adding and gluing new levels. The resulting construction will be very stable.Fill the pots with climbing and upright plants.


3. Small spherical flowerbed.

Succulents look especially beautiful in it.

Smaller pots are needed for this project. They are connected as described above. You need to create two hemispheres, and then lay them one on top of the other. It is not necessary to glue the two parts, they will be held stable. Moreover, it is easier to carry them.

At the cottage there is a new art object!

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