Swing-bench with your own hands: a great idea to give

Wonderful swing for the house is obtained if you put the boards together in a bench and fix a metal profile with chains to it. Such an original bench-swing will decorate your house or dacha, and also bring together the whole family and make the evening a little bit better and more pleasant.

To create such a swing bench, you will need, first, to make the basis of the design. For this, bars, designed and measured for seating, are attached to the backrest bars at a certain, comfortable angle.

Next along the seat you need to add additional edges of the bars, which will provide rigidity of the structure.

Having drilled holes for fasteners in the bars of the swing base, slats are attached to the seat. The same should be done with the back of the structure.

For convenience, you must also install armrests on each side of the bench, which are bolted.

At the end of the work, the bench should be treated with wood preservatives and varnished.

When the bench is dry, a metal profile and chains should be attached to the base.

Date: 09.10.2018, 10:19 / Views: 72365

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