Tart with tangerines

Tartar Tartar- a culinary recipe for dessert.


  1. butter 100 gr;
  2. 2 egg yolks;
  3. wheat flour 130 g;
  4. ground almonds 30 gr;
  5. salt 1 pinch; sugar 125 g;
  6. 20 ml water
  7. ricotta cheese 250 gr;
  8. cottage cheese 50 gr;
  9. corn starch 25 g;
  10. eggs 2 pieces;
  11. Tangerines 350g;
  12. jelly for pouring the cake 1 bag.


In a bowl, mix butter, flour, almond crumb, salt and sugar (25 g). Rub your hands into the crumb. Add the yolks. Knead the dough, gradually adding cold water. Put the dough between the sheets of parchment and roll it into a thin layer. We transfer it with the help of paper into a mold that is oiled and form the bumpers.

Mix ricotta with sugar (sugar to taste) and eggs. Add starch and pasty curd. We put the filling in the form with the dough (it is recommended to put the dough in with a fork).

Bake at 2000C 30 min. By readiness cool.Tangerines cleaned from the skins and seeds. Put the tangerine slices on the cooled tart. Jelly is prepared according to instructions on the back of the bag and fill it with a tart.

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