Teach the child to the nipple: the pros and cons

�If the child does not suck on the nipple, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, the more the child gets used to the pacifier, the harder it will be to wean it. Therefore, before giving it, weigh the pros and cons.

Is it possible for a child to nipple

Healthy children have a sucking reflex from birth. It lasts up to 1.5�2, and sometimes even 3 years. Thanks to him, the baby gets the mother's milk. Also, the sucking process calms the baby.

how to teach a baby to the nipple
It is undesirable for the child to suck the nipple all day.
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You can give a pacifier if:

  • the child is restless and does not sleep well;
  • he sucks a finger;
  • There are problems with digestion.

It is forbidden to offer a pacifier to occupy or divert the crumbs. Better listen to his desires, try to understand and fulfill them.

Cons dummy - addictive, wrong bite and late speech. If the nipples are not near - the child will begin to look for a replacement for it and stuff all items into her mouth indiscriminately. And excessive attention around the nipples distracts the baby from exploring the outside world.

Pay attention: if a baby after breastfeeding asks for a pacifier, it means that he has not eaten enough or he is not enough of your care.

Dummy "saves" the baby from pain when teething. He can not only suck her, but also chew. However, if during this period the baby is breastfed, he may bite his mother's breast.

How to teach a baby to the nipple

To begin, select a suitable dummy. Choose the size of the nipple depending on the age of the baby. Its base should not block the nose of the child, but should be wide so that it does not swallow the nipple.

It is better to teach a baby to a dummy from an early age, since at this age it is easier to deceive him. Before giving the baby a pacifier, consult a pediatrician.

  1. Sometimes the child refuses a pacifier, because he does not like it. Therefore, buy several types of nipples and in turn offer the baby. They are different. Release them in the form of cherries or drops. There are and orthodontic. However, babies often choose the most common round nipple.
  2. After breastfeeding, without changing the position, try to give the baby a pacifier.Hold her hand, and when he clings, release.
  3. Apply the same method after feeding or drinking through the bottle.
  4. Lubricate the nipple with milk or a mixture and offer the baby.

Never sweeten a pacifier, especially if your baby has teeth being cut or has already erupted. Sweets spoil them. Do not use for this purpose, jam or honey. Remember that honey is a strong allergen and it is not always useful for children.

Having tamed the baby to the baby's dummy, keep it clean. Keep it in a special case and process it regularly so that the child does not �catch� the infection.

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