The answer is found: why pregnant women have nightmares and erotica

It turns out that many women who are expecting a baby dream of similar things.

“I always dreamed that I was forgetting him somewhere: in a trolley in a supermarket, locked in a car in a child’s chair, and especially often - for some reason in a closed room in a gym,” complains a friend who is waiting for her first child. Dreams make her worry - suddenly prophetic.

It turns out that she is not the only one: many mothers say that they had strange dreams during pregnancy. But all these terrible visions are not prophetic at all. It is all about the increased level of anxiety of future mothers.

“Pregnancy can be a scary, scary and very emotional time. Dreams reflect all our worries and horrors, even if we are not aware of them, ”said Lori Lowenberg, a somnologist and author of a series of books about dreams. - Dreams should not frighten. They even help us - slowly rearrange the thinking on the maternal wave. ”

The scientist said that mean the most common dreams, frightening pregnant women. We chose the six most typical.

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1. Sleep: childbirth on the floor or among rubbish

Value: this dream is usually a dream for women who are waiting for their first child. “Childbirth on the floor or even in the garbage is the embodiment of multiple fears that a woman experiences during her first pregnancy,” Lovenberg says. “After all, the expectant mother has to deal with so many new unknown things.” And still such dreams are connected with the fact that the first births we witness are the births of our domestic animals. And they usually happen just on the floor. Or among the trash.

2. Sleep: the belly becomes transparent

Value: a woman just can't wait to see her baby as soon as possible. Usually, such dreams occur in moments when parents recognize the sex of the future baby or come up with a name. Mom already feels how the child moves in her stomach, begins to fantasize what kind of hair he will have, what color his eyes will be. This binge of fantasy provokes “transparent” dreams.

3. Sleep: you see how to have sex

Value: “Usually dreams about sex begin in the second trimester.At this time, toxicosis is already behind, and the body is changing, acquiring exciting bends, ”explains Lovenberg. A woman begins to perceive herself in a new way, hence the fantasy about sex.

4. Sleep: forget or lose a child

Value: very many mothers complain about such disturbing dreams. Gradually growing awareness of the huge responsibility awaiting a woman. After all, she has to take care of a new person. The fear of losing a child or forgetting it is getting stronger somewhere. Therefore, it is reflected in our dreams.

5. Sleep: anger, aggression and / or fight

Value: Similar feelings come to the dreams of expectant mothers in the last trimester. At this time, a woman experiences not only psychological inconveniences, but also physiological ones. A aching back, swollen legs, irritating behavior of a husband - everything is reflected in dreams. “A woman is beginning to be annoyed and annoyed by things that she, while not being pregnant, would not have paid attention to, let alone felt uncomfortable because of them,” says Lövenberg. “Such dreams allow the expectant mother to blow off steam - in a dream she throws out her aggression, throws her out of her head.”

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6. Sleep: death

Value: a dream in which we see our own death cannot but disturb. Lovenberg believes that death dreams in anticipation of change. “When we see our death, we subconsciously prepare our thinking for the coming changes. After all, a new life will soon begin in a new capacity - you will become a mother, ”the expert is sure. It turns out that death is just parting with the old way of life.

And if you see someone else's death, this may mean your subconscious willingness to change the relationship with the person who “died” in your head, or break this connection altogether. In general, in any case, death is about change: in relationships, habits, lifestyle, etc. If you keep this in mind, terrible dreams will no longer scare you like that.

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