The aquarium. Where to place the aquarium?

When a person wants to take an aquarium with fish into his house, he usually thinks about what model of aquarium he will take, how many fish will run into it, what sets will be acquired and what kind of new neighbors will it be. Not surprisingly, having scored his head with all these nuances, every second potential owner forgets that the place for the aquarium also needs to be chosen correctly.

As a rule, aquariums are placed where there is enough space. It can be a desktop, a bookshelf or a chest of drawers. But, as practice shows, these places are often far from ideal. First you need to buy a quality aquarium. On the Opt-karp website, you can choose a good aquarium at an affordable price.

Choose a place for the location of the aquarium.
Firstly, it should be noted that any room in the house can serve as a place for an aquarium.It does not matter if it's a kitchen, a bedroom or an office. But there is one unspoken rule: you can not place the aquarium in direct sunlight.
Sunlight is useful for fish only during spawning or beriberi, for all other cases, they are perfect for an ordinary lamp incandescent.
It is best if the darkest place in the house is chosen for the aquarium.
It is worth noting that microscopic green algae begin to multiply in water during sunlight, which subsequently begin to cover the walls of the aquarium and all its contents. Water begins to bloom.
The aquarium should be located as far as possible from the window. Again, this is due to exposure to sunlight.
The aquarium should not be located next to various electrical appliances, such as a stereo, TV, telephone or computer. Fish are very sensitive to the magnetic field and do not tolerate it well.A great place will be a quiet corner of the room, which is not reached by other sounds.
The aquarium should be positioned at the level of the eyes of a seated or standing person. Fish should be comfortable to watch.
You can not put an aquarium on swinging bollards, cabinets or tables. It is best to use for this case a special stand that will firmly hold the aquarium in place.
For a fee, you can build an aquarium in a wall, bookcase, or wherever your heart desires! The main thing is to ensure that the fish, again, feel comfortable in it. It is not recommended to resort to design solutions and make the aquarium room in two parts: in such an aquarium, the fish feel as unprotected as possible, from which they get sick and behave more restlessly.

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