The craftswoman glued the fabric to the back of the plate. All households rated the result.

  • http://natalyanderson.ruNata lochka

    Well, it is necessary, how interesting it turned out! Need to try!

  • Irina

    I like the idea.

  • Anonymous

    Cool IDEAS!… .Please tell me the glue on the plate, then the fabric or the fabric on the plate and on the fabric glue?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how to wash the plate from the back? And how practical is it? I think that this design option will not last long.

  • Anonymous


  • Clever Masha

    In the stores of dishes mountains, colors - any! Peas, cell, flower. Very cheap, and the glass is generally almost for nothing to sell. But no crazy hands peace! Buy a glass plate, buy cloth, glue and create a complete crap, which then only throw it away. In the dishwasher it can be put, but only once, the last. And, most likely, rags plugged drain. Manually wash it three times, no more, then the glue to your Polybas will fall off. Well, is the point of squirming? Someone really wants to show their stupidity "vvotvchistvi" to surprise everyone. No matter how. So I was also surprised - more and more morons ....

    • totally agree with you

    • Anonymous

      modern glue, and other materials for creativity do not stick off!

    • Lyudmila

      I agree 100%

    • Anonymous

      I’m "skilled workers" to them, but I completely agree with you

    • Anonymous

      When the fabric dries, it is necessary to cover it with acrylic varnish 2-3 times, as in decoupage, and mine it at least 100 times.

    • Anonymous

      You are definitely right. Some "artists" from the irrepressible fantasy that just do not invent, even the furniture of their garbage. Kitsch it all!

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Let 5 minutes be nice to look at the thing that makes you happy, which you have transformed, and it is not like everyone else. Is this not positive !!!

  • Anonymous

    beautiful, no doubt, but one-time.

  • Anonymous

    and how to wash? tell me

  • https://severbiznes.ruOksana Malysheva

    Well, don’t say so that they don’t get stuck out. Mu has its own aisle of strength and durability.

  • Tatyana

    I would never have realized that I could write like this: everything, not to mention other mistakes ...

  • Elena

    For daily use - of course nonsense.But to decorate the wall with such plates .... good idea)) note it))

  • Ioannina

    This mess is engaged only mediocrity and loafers!

  • Igor

    And all the crap of plastic bottles! Is there really nothing else to do?

  • haha, cheaper than buying utensils .... gee-gee-gee-yyyyy !!!!!!!! you know the prices for the material for man-making? A chintz, maybe, a penny, but a sealant of this, probably, 600 rubles, no less, and a bottle of Malipusenka, there will not be enough for many plates….

  • Latata

    Authoring works you know how much they cost? And here everything is done with own hands, and if you don’t read between the lines, then it’s very cool. And this will be your only ones. And why scold and curse? You have been shown, and you decide whether you like it or not .. but to condemn. Do not ruin your karma. And I liked the idea)

  • Anonymous


  • A good idea for decorative plates (on the wall for example), and for everyday use impractical. But people do this not because of the need to get a specific thing, but for the sake of the process itself. If mankind does not bring joy to man, then of course he will not do it.

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