The craftswoman made the original decor of the wire and old nail polish

From this master class you will learn how to make wonderful flowers with ordinary hands from ordinary wire and old nail polish. No specific tools and even special skills will not be required - the stages are so simple and fascinating that you can create such flowers by the whole family together with young children! And how wonderful they will decorate the house!

To work prepare:

  • sponge;
  • thickened nail polish;
  • fine wire;
  • handle;
  • scissors.

1. First you need to decide what size flowers you want to get in the end. Starting from this, find a pen with a diameter corresponding to the volume of one petal on the future flower. The length of the unwound wire also depends on this.

For the first time, prepare a wire with a length of 20 cm. Fold it in half and start to wind it on the handle, as shown in the photo below.Fix the result by twisting the wire.

In the end, you should have such a ring.

2. Then create five rings in this way.

3. In order for the flowers to be voluminous, additionally bend the petals with the handle in different directions.

4. The time has come for the most interesting stage. Stick the blank into the sponge, take out the thickened varnish of a suitable color. On the back of the flower brush with a large amount of varnish, cover the entire width of the petal. Only when the brush lies completely, covering the entire petal, can you carefully tear it away from the workpiece.

5. Fill in the same way the remaining petals, let the flower dry.

After some time, when the lacquer hardens thoroughly, you can begin to decorate the house with a wonderful decor!

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