The dog began to cry like a child, when he first saw the lost owner

During the week of vagrancy, the animal was very emaciated and wiped the paws.

Dog Shin-Mao could repeat the fate of Hachiko ... He, like the famous Akita Inu, was the host of the best friend. Just escorted him not to work before the train, but to the market. Every weekend, Shin-Mao ran after the owner to the market square. There, the best friends chose goodies, bought them with fresh vegetables, and sometimes they simply returned empty-handed, but did not break the tradition.

The man is so accustomed to his friend, that at some point he stopped carrying a leash with him ... Why? They are already the best friends in the world.

That all changed on the day when the crackers exploded on the market square. From fright, Shin-Mao darted to the side and ran wherever they looked.

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The owner tried to find the fugitive, but the dog’s trail had already caught a second. Then the man returned home and posted ads all over the city with a photo of a four-legged friend. And he continued to search the city in search of Shin-Mao.

The bell rang on the sixth day.A very emaciated dog with paws worn in blood was identified at the other end of the city. The kid whined piteously at the sight of strangers, not finding his master among them. They stared into the eyes of a vagabond, and one woman recognized him as a fugitive.

When the owner came to pick him up, he howled with happiness. And let the dogs not cry, but it seems that the eyes of this guy really turned out to be in a wet place ... In any case, the wool cannot be called dry exactly.

What happened in these six days, the owner already hardly knows. Most likely, the dog ran away from fear so far that he could not find his way back home. And in trying to get on the trail finally got lost.

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