The freezer will help where other means are powerless

The freezer has long become an indispensable helper in the home. You can not worry about the new way to preserve the crop, enough to grind vegetables and berries, and send for storage. However, the useful properties of the freezer are not limited to freezing food, it can be used to solve many household problems.

Low temperatures will help fight dust mites.

Small parasites living in bedding for many go unnoticed. Unfortunately, people prone to allergies react to them quite acutely. If washing does not help, send the laundry to a deep freeze. Especially relevant advice will be for those items that are not easy to wash, such as small pillows.

Open the sealed envelope

Sometimes it happens to forget to put something important in the letter, and the stamp is already pasted. In order not to lose money, put the envelope in a sealed container and put it on the freezer for several hours. It remains to carefully separate the paper with a knife, and then re-glue the letter.

Remove unpleasant smell

If a shoe made of textile, natural leather or suede has a characteristic “fragrance”, you should put it in a bag and leave it in the freezer overnight. Low temperatures will kill bacteria and even some types of fungus. The main thing is not to do this trick with lacquered shoes and inexpensive leatherette - the material can crack.

Preserve the properties of scented candles

If you do not often hold evenings with candles and want to keep them for a long time, a freezer will come to your rescue. After a few hours in the cold wax or paraffin will slowly lose the smell. In addition, such a “frozen” candle will not burn so quickly.

Prevention of puffs and arrows

Women around the world would wear the hands of someone who comes up with pantyhose that will not be subject to puffs. Unfortunately, such an invention has not happened yet, and we will have to help ourselves. Soak a new pair of tights or stockings and put them in the freezer overnight. In the morning, tights should be thawed at room temperature, after which they can be dried and worn.

Extra (not replacement of the main) washing of jeans

This method will help out in case of emergency, when you need to wear jeans in the morning and you can’t wait for them to dry. Put the jeans in a cotton bag or wrap in a cloth.They should lie in the freezer for 10-12 hours, during this time all bacteria and unpleasant odors will be eliminated.

Save things from wood

Old wooden utensils, mined in the village or at a flea market, can look very picturesque. Unfortunately, it can be affected by the bark beetle. This insect can mess up other things in your house. To avoid such an outcome, send your new purchase to "quarantine". After a few weeks in the freezer, you can put a thing on the shelf.

Картинки по запросу деревянная утварь

Keep seeds in the freezer

This method will allow you to save all the necessary substances up to the planting season. Bacteria that often inhabit the surface of the seed will be killed. It is important to allow the seeds to thaw at room temperature before they are planted.

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