The main culinary mistakes of our mothers and grandmothers

When our mothers and grandmothers taught us to cook, they certainly wanted the best ... But the trouble is that the rules of nutrition laid down in the last century have little to do with the idea of ​​modern human health. The most important task of the cook of the 20th century was to feed the family, spending as little as possible on food. Therefore, many dishes contain much more calories than is necessary for modern man. The way of life of an office worker is significantly different from the mode of the working plant or peasant, and therefore the diet should be different.

Do not abuse the semis


In an era when the five-year plan should have been realized for at least 4 years, instant food was actively introduced into fashion. Some of them, like sausage or sausages, were considered in some regions a delicacy. Today, many work no less, but it is not worth to abuse the semi-finished products. Instead of dumplings from the pack, bake fresh meat or fish in the oven with a timer. In the meantime, the dish is prepared, feel free to do other things.

Do not digest pasta and cereals.

Many hostesses were guided when cooking side dishes for efficiency. But by cooking rice or pasta, you make these foods not only less useful, but harmful. The level of glucose in the blood after eating dishes prepared according to Soviet traditions increases dramatically, and a person wants to eat more. Soak the rice before cooking and cook it over high heat. Choose pasta durum - they are much more useful.

Do not abuse fried foods

Frying a dish in a large amount of butter used to mean to make it satiated. Many families did not have access to the required amount of protein foods, and it was necessary to feed everyone with less spending. Unfortunately, this diet adversely affects health. Today, it is better to prefer such methods of processing as baking, stewing and steaming. And frying pans with ceramic or granite coating allow to fry on a minimum amount of oil.

Be careful with mayonnaise

Strangely enough, but in itself an analogue of the French sauce, which was offered by the Soviet industry, was not as dangerous as it is said. Indeed, at the dawn of popularity, mayonnaise was made on the basis of natural products without the addition of starch and chemical preservatives.Today, the basis of mayonnaise - refined little, the use of which is important to limit. Starch and flavors make the sauce tastier, but not healthier. Prefer ordinary mustard, or cook homemade mayonnaise yourself.


Watch out for the mix of products.

The lack of Soviet times led to the fact that the hostesses mixed in one dish “all the best”. Echoes of such a recipe are still terrified nutritionists and professional chefs. Remember, the best is the enemy of the good.


Eject spoiled products in time

At a time when food security was in jeopardy, the landladies exchanged books on housekeeping with tips for "rescuing" the "second freshness" meal. Take care of yourself and send everything to the garbage can that raises doubts, instead of overcooking everything and pouring a thick layer of mayonnaise!

Stop filling up for the future!

Many have heard that it is better to leave the table not fully fed. But the Soviet habit of eating dinner from the first, second and compote is too tenacious. Today, you are unlikely to be punished for a small snack, so do not try to eat your daily diet at one time.

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