The most unusual in the world residential complex for the elderly

The average life expectancy of women in Japan is over 87 years. It is not surprising that the very concept of old age begins to blur, and turns into an age of new opportunities. The third age becomes a time for rest and contemplation.

It was within the framework of this concept that a remarkable settlement was built for very adult Japanese women in the rural prefecture of Shizuoka. The village has already received the nickname "Japanese Riviera" for its beautiful landscapes and mild climate.

It was here that the architect Toyko Isei erected a commune of several fancy-shaped cottages that serves as a nursing home. Camping from intricate tents fits perfectly into the surrounding mountain landscape. Inside, the rooms are equipped with everything necessary so that people who have spent their lives working for the benefit of the whole country can live with dignity and comfort.

The complex, called Jikka, has become home to several pensioners.Together with them lives a social worker and a cook. The main materials for the construction of steel were wood and concrete. The complex, with an area of ​​only 100 square meters, has a kitchen, dining area, dormitory room, guest room, bathroom, and even a spiral pool. It can comfortably accommodate people with limited mobility using wheelchairs.

The complex also prepares and delivers food for those retired people who live nearby. In fact, this is not just a retirement home, but a real social center.

The design of the building fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, absolutely not arguing with it.

This place is ideal for rest and complete relaxation.

The premises delicately fit into the surrounding nature.

A spacious room under a high dome unites the dining room and kitchen.

It has everything you need so that a professional chef can cook delicious food for the inhabitants of the complex, and pensioners living nearby.

Favorite Japanese Japanese minimalism does not involve too much decor. The main decoration of the complex is a beautiful view of the mountain landscapes.

The spiral-shaped pool is designed in such a way that it can be used independently by people traveling in wheelchairs.

The bathroom does not differ in privacy ... But it should be remembered that there are practically no strangers here, and the age of the wards requires constant care.

Sleep wards center in one spacious bedroom.

The complex of tents covers an area of ​​100 square meters.

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