The network discusses the grown-up daughter Julianne Moore

The star of the show, Bottega Veneta, which was recently held in New York, was Julianne Moore, who came to the event ... no, not with her husband, but with the grown-up beautiful daughter Liv Freindlich. 15-year-old Liv, as it turned out, is already a cut above her mother and is following in her footsteps with might and main: she has already starred in several films and is seriously planning to continue the career of an actress. In the meantime, users of social networks admire the similarity of Liv and Julianne: after the evening they had a couple of paparazzi who didn’t leave the couple more like two sisters, they discussed on the Web how quickly children, especially strangers, were growing up.

Date: 16.10.2018, 14:04 / Views: 51364

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