The sausage in the potato tunic is simple and insanely delicious

We offer you a recipe for an excellent dish. Sausages in potato uniform, of course, very tasty, when hot, as they say, with the heat of the heat, but, nevertheless, they do not lose their taste and after cooling. Therefore, sausages in potato dough can safely take with you to work or school, put as a snack to the child in school.

So, in order to cook sausages in a potato uniform, we will need:

  • flour - 3st.l.
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • potatoes - 6 pcs
  • egg - 1 pc
  • sausages - 4 pieces
  • breadcrumbs - 1 tbsp

Step-by-step recipe:

1. Since we have sausages in dough with potatoes, then we’ll start with it. We take the potatoes, wash them and put them on the fire to cook in the uniform. When the potatoes are ready, cool and peel.

2. Next, take a small bowl in which all the ingredients will later end up, terem our potatoes on a grater. Add the egg, salt and pepper to taste. All mix well.

3. Add flour, begin to knead. Our dough should not stick to your hands.

4. From each piece of dough we form a so-called flat cake, into which we put the sausage and wrap.

5. Prepare the breadcrumbs, beat the egg in a separate bowl.

6. Roll the sausage in the dough into the egg, then into the crackers.

7. Take the pan, pour vegetable oil into it and fry our dish until ready!

Bon Appetit!

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