The story of the creation of the legendary shoes Christian Louboutin

Shoes from Louboutin (Louboutin) with a red firm sole are one of the most popular in the world. They can be considered a legacy of gallant knights of the past eras who wore leather shoes with bright red marks. Louis XIV was the undisputed trendsetter in the entire royal history of France. As a sign of the continuity of his power from the emperors of Byzantium, who wore purple shoes, he ordered to wear elegant shoes with a red heel, eliminating not very comfortable big boots, which were sewn on one leg. The idea of ​​Louis served the most practical purpose: the heel, as well as the cork sole, covered with red leather, had to increase the height of the king. But it immediately became fashionable. For the nobility's shoes, separate pads on the right and left feet, thinner skin and a heel that reached eight centimeters began to be used. Mods at that time and was called - "Mr. Red Heel."

The path to world fame Christian Louboutin began with a strange impression.With great people, this is often the case; their fate is determined by some minor trifle, a mere trifle. That is exactly what happened to Christian Louboutin, the famous shoe designer. One day, walking through the beloved Museum of the Arts of the peoples of Africa and Oceania and admiring the exotic fish in a giant aquarium, a ten-year-old Christian saw a warning sign: an elegant slipper on a thin heel was ruthlessly crossed out with a red line. What is it? Why such pretty shoes are banned? The child was shocked to the core. In fact, the reason was simple - sharp heels caused irreparable damage to the precious mosaic that covered the floor. But it did not matter. The seductive slipper has already decided his fate.

Already at the age of 12, he painted his school notebooks with various sketches of women's shoes. But before the creation of the first shoe was another 4 years. As Christian himself says, at that time he was inspired by the ideas of the dancer, which is reflected in the models of shoes that look a little theatrical with their bows, frills, ruffles, creating an additional effect of walking.

Since the age of 16, Labuten has met with Charles Jourdain.Then, like any genius, he completely surrendered to his work. Christian studied with Jourdain, then at Chanel, and also Yves Saint Laurent. It was then that Labuten invented new egg-shaped shoes, which emphasized the curves of the female foot.

But the red soles of the shoes, which later became the recognizable trademark of Labuten, appeared thanks to one of his collaborators. Once during the show, Labuten felt that the presented model was missing something. In his field of vision came an employee, in whose hands was a red nail polish. He immediately presented this color on the sole of the shoe. The effect was amazing! Since then, the red sole has become his personal "signature".

Now the red soles of the shoes can be seen on the weeks haute couture and pret-a-porte - models march across the catwalk, showing the collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander Matthew, Lawrence Steele, Diana von Furstenberg. Without them, the displays of such fashion houses as Balmain, Jeremy Scott, Chloe, Givenchy, Julien Macdonald, Victor & Rolf are not imaginable.

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