Theatrical curtains: advantages, functions and material for tailoring

Theatrical curtains are textile decor, allowing to emphasize well the special solemn aura in concert halls and theaters. Already since ancient times it is customary to design the stage with textiles.

Fabrics for scene decoration

Basically, materials for curtains are selected in a sophisticated color palette - it can be a light beige or coal-black shade. Demand red or burgundy shades. These colors are noble. Each of us is familiar with velvet curtains in the theater. They are usually decorated with thick curtains to the floor, textured folds, which makes it possible to get a special solemn aura.

Quite often, they are made of non-combustible materials, which is a fairly accurate solution when it comes to safety. However, the price of such material is high. Mostly lightweight fabrics are in demand, among them, for example, organza.In addition, theatrical curtains are made of cotton, non-combustible and opaque materials.

Scene decoration consists of applying a couple of types of curtains, each of which performs its role:

  • Harlequins are a continuation of the hall, so integrating it with the stage.
  • The wings are clothes for scenes that allow you to divide it into a couple of categories in depth. She is invited to double curtains, which are in opposite sides.
  • The rainbow are an integral part of the wings, located at their base at the top. It covers the ceiling and the underlying equipment.
  • Backdrops are curtains that hide the backstage from the eyes of spectators.

Theatrical curtain features

If you decide, you should first become acquainted with its functions - a technical device and an excellent decor. In the old days, the curtain was needed in order to imperceptibly replace the audience from the decor, which took place after the completion of certain actions. Thus, theater curtains performed several functions simultaneously. After all, even today the stage covers only after one part of the performance is completed and it is opened before the beginning of the second.

The advantages of theater curtains

Theatrical curtains have the following advantages:

  • light and dark shades of fabrics;
  • putting initial or coat of arms;
  • a large selection of materials for sewing;
  • scene decoration.

As you can see, such theater curtains differ not only in the numerous tasks that are assigned to them, but also in a number of undeniable advantages.

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