These 10 useful tricks will help the woman in an emergency situation! I'll try to remember ...

Knowing these 10 tricks, any woman will be spared from annoying little things. Inconvenient shoes with heels, bra with a protruding sharp bone, nasty pellets on clothes ... Why endure all this if you can use brilliantwomen's secrets!

Tips for women

1. Shaving Foam- great stain remover! Helps to cope with stains from cosmetics, tomato juice, oil stains. Apply a little foam to the problem area, rub it lightly and rinse the cloth. Brilliantly!


2.With helpclothes pegsYou can compactly fold the headphones and wear them so that they do not get confused! For the same purpose, you can use a small hairpin.

headphones3.Inaccurate tips of laces can be put in order, usingclear nail polish.

shoelaces4.Great idea to prevent sweat stains on your shirt on hot summer days!


5.To sew a bra in a backless dress is a brilliant solution!


6.A cunning eyelet with a button will help fix underwear straps: they will no longer treacherously protrude and interfere! I did it with my training shirt: it's very convenient.


7.Here's how to quickly fix the lack of bra! When another linen is not at hand, for example, on a trip, this advice is indispensable ...


8.A regular razor will remove the pellets from your favorite items. Neat look always and everywhere!


9.So you can stretch tight shoes! Fill the plastic bags with water and place them inside the narrow part, then put the shoes in the freezer for the night.

ballet shoes

10.Great tips for high heels! If you roll up the third and fourth toes with tape or plaster, the pressure on the ankle joint while walking on heels will decrease. It will be much more comfortable to walk, and your legs will not get tired!

heelsIf you put a thin nylon sock on your leg in this way, open shoes will not rub. At the same time the appearance of the legs in the shoes will remain flawless!
heelsYou can sew such pads socks specifically for high-heeled shoes.

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