Tip 2: How to care for silicone insoles

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  • The skin condition may be different, depending on the season, emotional state, your gender and age. But there are rules necessary for maintaining the skin in a healthy state, regardless of what kind of skin you have, and even regardless of whether the skin is a person, abdomen or the whole body. Exceptions are rare cases in which you are required to act only on the basis of instructions from a dermatologist.
Use creams.
There are many different types of skin creams.
for the face - cream, moisturizing and protecting, as well as in the composition with vitamin E
for the skin of the body - cream with a moisturizer, with plenty of vitamins and nutrients
for the skin of hands - cream composed with glycerin, fats and lanolin
for skin of the feet - cream composed with glycerin, paraffin, beeswax and lanolin
Wash properly.
It is desirable to wash daily, in the absence of physical activity - 1 time per day, in the presence of physical activity - 2-3 times a day.
Every day, buy a special shampoo for daily use.
It is advisable to go to the bath, at least 2 times a month, in order to remove excess sebum and subcutaneous fat.
Clean the area of ​​the body or the whole body with a special cleanser.
Wet your face slightly with a napkin or towel.
Apply polishing cream, rub and, after some time, cleanse your face with a wet cloth or towel.
With improper nutrition, your skin can behave differently and therefore, to avoid skin problems, you just need to eat right. Eat more healthy foods.
Keep your body in good shape.
The condition of your body as a whole also affects the condition of your skin. With small but regular physical exercise, the upper layer of your skin will be updated frequently and, due to increased immunity, your skin will be less susceptible to environmental influences.

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