Tip 2: How to increase profits at a fast food point

With all the popularity, fast food items do not always bring super profits, as promised by the owners of large franchised brands. As in no other activity, the profitability of an enterprise in this segment of the gastronomic market will depend on its location. Sometimes the performance is decided by some seemingly ten meters that are insignificant from the office center of the city, where, as you know, the main consumer market of any fast-food center is concentrated.
In the event that the point exists for more than six months, and the income barely covers the costs or even goes into a deep negative, a serious analysis of the situation should be carried out. The first thing that can cause a lack of consumer flow is the wrong marketing strategy or, more often, the complete lack of advertising.Often, at the initial stage of their work, the owners of public catering places unreasonable hopes for the so-called “word of mouth”. It, of course, works, but only in the case of unique goods or services - the next fast food point, which differs little from those already operating in the market, is unlikely to be the reason for the conversation of colleagues or neighbors in the stairwell.
In this situation, you should think about the production of printed materials and provide each customer with a flyer, which will be in nearby offices and homes. Flyers can be heard on the street near the point of public catering or on neighboring streets, which only increase the awareness of the consumer audience.
Outdoor advertising promises to work in the event that it will be placed in close proximity to the point of public catering. It can be trunk banners, pillars and streamers. Approximate term of placement of outdoor advertising - from three months.
The likely reason for the lack of consumer interest may be hiding in product quality. At the initial stage, the recipe of dishes should be adjusted according to the wishes of consumers.The sphere of fast food has its own nuances: convenience when eating, prepared at the point, the ability to consume products on the street (when walking, on a bench, in the office). It is important to consider how much the brand is the use of a particular food. For the sake of taste, the cook can increase the amount of sauce or other liquid ingredients, which leads to the need to use napkins. To identify such a problem, it is necessary to carry out several shifts in the culinary workshop and to follow the process of product distribution.
It would not be amiss to remember the reaction of customers to the appearance of the product and its aroma. It is possible that the lack of consumer demand is due to the fact that the buyer does not receive what he originally wanted.
Often, the mistakes of novice owners of public catering are rooted in the developed menu. Providing, for example, bakery products, it is necessary to make proposals for drinks and best of all, so that any consumer can find a product to his taste. We must not forget that in the consumer market, the segment of buyers, purchasing exclusively low-calorie food, is gradually increasing.Vegetarians and vegans who do not eat meat and animal food, respectively, also need fast food.
An important role is played by the catering pricing policy. Of course, the price in the field of fast food is often the decisive factor by which consumers shape their preferences. Inflated prices become a minus for the business owner in the event that, at the initial stage, the cost was a high profit ratio. However, too low prices can lead to low sales. The consumer in this case may fear that the products are made from low-quality products, which will force him to bypass such an item.
An additional step to increase consumer demand for the owner of a fast-food outlet may be the opening of a service hall. This will require additional documentary approvals and costs for the purchase of furniture, but the effectiveness of this will increase significantly.

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