To knit more conveniently: 7 tricks to help

Organizing space is important even with a lesson that is fun. Knitting is no exception. To make the process more convenient, accessories and simple fixtures will help. Especially relevant "necessary things" will be for beginner needlewomen, while experienced craftswomen will be able to appreciate them.

Bowl for thread

A special cup will not only protect the threads from dust and debris if they accidentally hit the floor, but also will not allow them to become tangled with multi-color knitting. To get started, just pull the thread through the hole. It is convenient to use a bowl with a hole and when knitting in several threads.

Some bowls have additional holes for the spokes.

Row counter

A simple device will not count the rows all the time. It will be particularly relevant when knitting ornaments, complex patterns, knitting of paired parts. Such devices can be not only mechanical, but also electric.

Organizer for knitting needles and hooks

It is convenient when knitting needles, hooks and other knitting accessories are gathered in one place and fixed. This allows you to have everything you need at hand.

Stencil for determining the diameter of the spokes

The marking is not present on all the spokes. Having a special stencil, it is much easier to choose the right knitting needles for this or that yarn.


Using markers, you can not only indicate the beginning or end of fragments. They are also convenient when knitting patterns with braids or other patterns that require the temporary removal or transfer of loops.

Hoist lifter

Having discovered a loosened loop, now you do not have to unbend and bandage part of the canvas. It is enough to use the lift of the hinges. With its help, you can restore both the front and back loops.

Bag for knitting

Knitted things almost always consist of several details. It is much more convenient when they are all in one place. In addition, while in a bag, knitting can not accidentally get dirty or go down from the hinges.

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