Top 10 of the coolest movies about dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have long been extinct, but films about them continue to be removed. And there are those who will not leave indifferent even real moviegoers.

Top 10 most interesting films about dinosaurs:

  1. "Jurassic Park". This film is certainly known to all. According to his story, the main characters Elli Sattler and Alan Grant, who are doctors of paleontology, from the rich and ambitious professor are invited to come to his own island, located near Costa Rica. Among the invited were also a mathematician, journalist and grandson of the master himself. And all of them are witnessing a very unusual spectacle. It turned out that the real dinosaurs live here, which the professor managed to create using the DNA found from the excavations of the remains of these ancient creatures. Such a Jurassic park is a real find for paleontologists. But their joy did not last long, because soon they learned that in addition to innocuous herbivorous dinosaurs predators live here, and they are very dangerous, especially when they are hungry.
  2. "Lost World". The ideas of the paleontologist Rick Marshall are constantly ridiculed in the scientific world.He wants to create a time machine, and tests it holds in an amusement park, because here the most favorable conditions. To the surprise of the scientist himself, his assistants and Holi Cantrell fans and park owner Will, the car starts to work, and all three end up in a kind of temporary funnel and find themselves in a strange place, inhabited by even more unusual creatures resembling the most genuine dinosaurs. But in this lost world, the heroes discovered not only dinosaurs, but also some other animals. And here there are traces of the existence of human civilizations. The accelerator, which can help the trinity to return, is gone, so you need to find it sooner. But to survive in such extreme conditions is not easy!
  3. "Journey to the Center of the Earth". This film is also worth a look, because it is a screen version of the eponymous work of Jules Verne. Trevor Andersen and his nephew Sean travel around Iceland, or rather try to find Trevor’s once-missing brother and Pope Sean, who left a strange travel book with many strange notes. Probably, these records will be able to help find the man who disappeared under strange circumstances.The heroes are helped by the daughter of the famous professor Hannah, who for some fee will lead them to an extinct volcano. The road is long and difficult, but all the fun lies ahead. In an instant, the earth went out from under the feet of Sean, Trevor, and Hannah, and they began to fall somewhere. Finally, after landing, the trio realized that she was in the very heart of the Earth, which looks like an unusual world inhabited by dinosaurs.
  4. "The world of the Jurassic period."The events of this picture unfold more than twenty years after what happened in the first film (“Jurassic Park”). On a distant island, an amazing park is still operating, in which everyone can see the most genuine dinosaurs. But visitors are getting less and less, and so the owner decides to change and asks talented scientists to invent another dinosaur. It will be incredibly large and unusual, because they will get it from several types. But this individual turned out to be more dangerous than expected. And the creature is much smarter than the other representatives of the species, and therefore at some point he manages to escape from the aviary.
  5. "Walking with dinosaurs". This film will allow you to start an exciting journey and immerse yourself in a unique world. Viewers can be in the era in which there were dinosaurs, that is, jump over 70 million years! The protagonist is a herbivorous and funny pachyrinoz Patr. He looked ridiculous and did not pose a danger, so no one took him seriously. But one day he was able to prove himself capable of much. And sometimes strength and sharp teeth, which Patches never had, may not help to survive. Much more important than ingenuity, but it has a lot of bold dinosaur. And having shown it, he will be able to help the herd, who has lost its leader, to escape and move to a new, safer and more favorable place to live.
  6. The Legend of Dinosaurs.Another name for this film is "The Dinosaur Trekking", and he talks about a real feat accomplished for the sake of survival. Several dinosaurs decided to migrate to the rich pastures of the north, located hundreds of kilometers from their current home. And the events are practically real, as scientists have proven that multi-kilometer displacements did take place.The main characters are the carnivorous Labor Patch and the edmontosa-vegetarian Skar find themselves in difficult conditions: permafrost, cold, lack of food. Only the strongest can survive, so you have to make a lot of effort.
  7. "My home dinosaur". Listing the best films about dinosaurs, it is worth mentioning this one, it is pleasant to many. In the most usual foggy morning somewhere in Scotland on the lakeside a boy discovers a strange egg, unlike any other in the world. And soon an unusual creature resembling a dinosaur or a dragon hatches from it. But the former have long since died out, and the latter, in general, do not exist. But, meanwhile, the dinosaur begins to grow very quickly, and its appetites grow with it. And he is also very cheerful, playful and sociable, therefore it becomes more and more difficult to hide him from prying eyes. But if others see him, it may be in danger of this dear creature. And the boy who found the egg is the only one who can protect his new friend.
  8. "Marine dinosaurs: a journey into the prehistoric world". Marine dinosaurs were even more amazing than the terrestrial, and viewers will be able to see this, going to ancient times and a completely different era.The journey will be exciting and dangerous, but it will provide an opportunity to meet with the gigantic masters of the deep sea, as well as learn how they lived and survived more than 70 million years ago. Particularly pleased with the dazzling beauty of underwater landscapes, amazing discoveries and an amazing atmosphere. Sometimes it all literally takes your breath away! Impressive? Then start watching!
  9. «Project of the dinosaur». On Earth, there is a place in which an unknown being supposedly dwells. And to find out, a group of Western researchers are sent to search for him. The trip is carefully planned, but everything goes wrong. By coincidence, scientists were in an impassable and dangerous jungle. And wild animals are not the worst thing they have to face. Survival will not be easy, because it turns out, creatures that were considered long-extinct and non-existent, in fact, still continue to live on the planet, just carefully hidden. But now, when people have invaded their world, they will be angry and will do everything to drive away or destroy aliens.
  10. "Dinosaur". This is a cartoon, but it simply can not be included in the list, because this creation will impress viewers of all ages, and the plot is not completely animated. A lemur tribe accidentally stumbled upon a strange egg, from which an unseen creature suddenly hatched - an iguanodont dinosaur named Aladar. And what is more strange, he managed to find himself similar, although it was not easy, because almost all the representatives of this species died out due to lack of water and fiery meteorites that once fell to Earth. The leader of the dinosaur tribe Crohn turns out to be cruel, and therefore becomes the enemy of Aladar, who wants to protect animals and find a new habitat. But this is not the only difficulty that the hero and his friends will have to face on the way to the green valley. And these are not only dangerous tyrannosaurs, but also the vagaries of nature.
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