Top dressing with a secret: the bloom of flowering in the trick of the flower menu

Houseplants can be a pleasant and rewarding hobby. They clean and disinfect the air, scare away some insects, and sometimes even regulate the humidity of the room. But in addition to the benefits, many expect from the indoor color excellent appearance. To make your plants strong and beautiful, help them using some simple secrets.

Add banana peel to soil

Everyone who is engaged in gardening or planting a houseplant should be left skinned. It can be frozen, and then grind and lay on top of the drainage layer in the pot. Useful microelements saturate the earth under your flowers and contribute to their good growth and development.

Do not throw away cleaning mushrooms

After cleaning the mushrooms for cooking, pour waste water in a one-to-one ratio and let the mixture stand for a day. After this, strain the tool and pour it over houseplants.The board is also suitable for the care of flower beds, so do not neglect the collection of crumbling russules and old mushrooms.

Splashing in diseases

If your plants are often sick, or suffer from a fungus, dilute an aspirin tablet per liter of water and sprinkle the leaves. You can do this as a preventive measure, if there is at least one diseased plant in the house.

Clean the stove or fireplace

Selected ash pour water (1 spoon per liter of water) and leave for 7 days. Water the flowers with this infusion every 10-12 days. This will improve growth and disinfect the soil. It is better not to burn anything in the furnace, except for natural wood and coal - only wood ash is useful.

Cacti love sweets

Add sugar to the water for irrigation of these plants (a tablespoon per glass of water).

Castor for lush buds

Houseplants will thank you with a lush bloom if you add castor oil to the water for irrigation. Use it during flower formation: a teaspoon of oil per liter of water.

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