Traditional Japanese art: origami from triangular modules

From tradition to modernity

The origins of this work a lot. Perhaps origami masters invented various legends to awaken curiosity from new students. For example, the paper crane is a symbol of love, hope and faith. It is believed that if you make a thousand figurines of a crane, give them to all your friends and family, the most cherished desire is sure to be fulfilled.
There are various origami schools. Each gains their experience and preserves the traditions. For example, some craftsmen make figurines for wedding ceremonies, others for various state or religious celebrations. Some crafts are used as ordinary home decorations.
The volumetric figures of birds, animals and flowers are easy to create by yourself. In a huge variety, in various stores you can find ready-made origami kits. They are subdivided by degree of difficulty.Usually they use intuitive circuit conventions. Learn how to fold the main origami lines on a special test sheet. Purchase paper separately. For crafts suitable one-sided, double-sided color versions, options with drawings or patterns, as well as sets with textured, smooth and metallized sheets.

Assembling modular origami

Find schemes of various modular origami online. Ordinary office paper or recording units are also suitable for home crafts. For the work useful stationery knife, ruler and glue. It is needed to attach small parts and decorations. Sometimes large modules are simply stitched together.
To make a triangular module, an A4 sheet must be divided into several equal parts. Their size will depend on the volume of your figure. It is better to initially determine for yourself the convenient size of the triangles. Identical modules are convenient because the crafts can be easily disassembled and create a new one.
From each part one triangle is created. The correct module should turn out with two lower "pockets". Traditionally, there are two concepts that are called "valley" or "mountain". To bend with the valley means to arrange the smaller part of the triangular module towards you.Bend the mountain - to arrange this part of the triangle away from you.
As you can see, the differences lie in combining these modules with each other. Figures are formed by inserting the angle of one module in the pocket of another. The basic principle of folding triangular modules is the same for all crafts.

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