Tree for decoration

As a rule, we have women full of all sorts of trinkets that are in boxes and boxes, but there are also those that we wear all the time. If it is several pairs of earrings, it will be more convenient to keep them all the time in sight. So that immediately, without wasting time in vain, reach out and take the jewelry that matches the mood or mood! The ideal stand for the earrings will be an improvised tree. To create a stand tree, we need the following: - wire with a section of 0.5-0.7 mm for the frame; - bowl for pouring the “foundation; - gypsum for the "foundation"; - floristic tap tape or fabric adhesive plaster (thin); - PVA glue; - toilet paper or napkins; - paints (gouache, acrylic ); - gilding (acrylic, dry bronze, liquid shadows).
 will need the following
We begin with the fact that cut a few pieces of wire and assemble the frame, focusing on the way the trees look in nature. I advise you to bend the branches as fancifully as possible so that each bend is functional,that is, you could hang a pair of earrings on it.
 make the frame
we wind the frame with tape or adhesive tape.
 Wrap the frame
Winding the frame
.jpg "alt =" wrapping the frame "title =" wrapping the frame ">
Dilute gypsum with water to the consistency of thick cream and pour into a mold lined with cellophane. We insert the frame and wait for the complete hardening of the gypsum, take out the frame in the gypsum foundation and begin to work further. We make plaster and fill it In a convenient flat container we pour PVA glue, and tear off small pieces of toilet paper, pasting the trunk and branches of the tree, retaining the curved shape of the branches.
pasting thin branches
First we glue the larger pieces on the thick bases of the trunk and branches, gradually moving to smaller ones, pasting thin branches on them.
contours of bark protrusions
By folding the paper soaked in glue, we form naturalistic contours of bark protrusions. After the whole tree is done, we set it to dry in a warm place for a few hours.
dry in a warm place
Since the frame is wire, that is bending, and the stiffened PVA glue also has plasticity, the tree will be motionless at bases, but will slightly spring up and will not break even from heavy jewelry. After the tree is completely dry, you can cover it with paints. Acrylic paints are best suited for this purpose, since when dried, the lights form a waterproof film, that is, the product does not need further varnishing. If you use gouache, then after drying the paint is better to varnish wood. Fully painted wood acrylic ocher. We dry.
to cover it with paints
Now we take the gilding of blue, shade all the grooves in the "bark". Then we put green gold on the base and here and there on the bark. We cover with gilding yellow color all tree and basis. We dry and check how it fulfills its purpose - the jewelry keeps and looks great, the tree is stable!
 a tree for your own jewelry
tree for decorations

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