Tricks of planning a beautiful and comfortable courtyard

How to plan a beautiful courtyard of a private house.

This little beautiful courtyard of a private house began here with such a gravelly plot in front of the house. Which was intended only for parking two cars and small flower gardens on the side. One can hardly imagine a beautiful garden here in any form.

The total area of ​​this site in front of the house is 2.5 hundred. Since At first there were attempts to combine the garden with parking and they were unsuccessful, it was decided to cut the garden as such with parking. It looks like this new layout of the site.Next to the house, on the one hand, there is a paved area, which separates the fence from the parking lot with a wicket gate; on the other hand, a small garden is planned and a garden behind it. In the garden, on the left side, in order to raise the fence as high as possible, an artificially raised small terrace is planned.

The design of the courtyard of a private house. Parking lot.

This is how the new parking lot in the yard of this private house looks from the side of the street. Ahead - the entrance to the house, on the right - the entrance to the garden, on the left - the neighbors.

In order to make a reliable coverage on the site for cars, which would not enter into dissonance with the general landscape design of the garden, an original decision was made - to build a decorative fence between the parking lot and the garden. A cinder block fence, concrete plaster on top. To ensure that it does not look too massive, it has windows with boxes for flowers. On the street side, this fence will continue with a decorative forged fence. From the courtyard at the fence, in front of the house entrance, a gate is planned. Also in the fence is planned gate for access to the garden.

View of the parking lot after completion of work. The entrance to the garden was decorated with an arch of woven roses. Also, rose bushes grow throughout the fence, they are complemented by perennial ornamental grasses and flowers in containers.


View of the fence from the street side (car park on the left). In order to give the flower garden on-over the fence more decorative, used natural stone. Flower boxes perfectly complement the overall landscape design of this piece of courtyard.

From the side of the street, the fence will be forged (the regulations of this area do not allow building a solid fence from the side of the street). For privacy, garden vines and ornamental shrubs will be planted next to the fence from the garden.

A small rabatka - a bed with regularly repeating groups of flowers, perfectly harmonizes with the precise rhythmic construction of the fence itself.

It looks like a fence between neighboring areas.

In the part of the courtyard, where there is a desire to communicate with neighbors, a chain-netting is used for the fence, along which waving roses are raised.


A small beautiful garden is the highlight of this yard.

As we remember, the site was covered with gravel; therefore, before starting work, gravel was picked up and a framework for a small greenhouse was installed in the end of the beds.

Using garden borders, they formed a form for four beds, covered the beds with soil.

In the corner of each garden set a large flower pot - there will grow flowers that will add a little color to the green garden.

The paths between the beds were beautifully flooded with narrow blocks of paving slabs “under the brick” and covered with crushed stone

The garden was no worse than the flowerbed!

Small beautiful courtyard of a private house.

The design of the courtyard of this private house actively uses a variety of materials for garden paths in order to create new interesting textures and interesting effects.Those paths that are most often used are paved with even paving slabs, the playground at the gazebo is larger and of a different color, and the cozy paths leading to the secluded corners of the garden are made of cobblestone and brick.

A small snow-white arch creates the main accent for the main flower garden with garden sculpture.

Changing the flowers of this cute girl, you can create a different mood for this corner of the garden.

This beautiful flowerbed with sculpture is located on a raised terrace along the fence with a neighboring plot. Here was the task to raise the fence as high as possible. Therefore, in the flowerbed, the roses that were used high along the arch and the fence were used in combination with ornamental shrubs. A garden sculpture harmoniously balanced the size and proportions of this flower bed with the whole garden.

The whole garden is built on the sensitive balance of open and closed space, tall flower beds with perennials and containers with annuals.

For flowers, every corner of the garden is used - a playground in front of the house, fences, a garden, parking for cars, and, of course, the garden itself.

In order for the garden paths to look more comfortable, some of the flowers grow on the path itself, and "come out" to it from the side.

Hosts love and know how to work with flowers.

Therefore, their garden collection is annually replenished with new original finds.

In addition to perennials, which create the basic basis of the garden, annuals are actively used in the design of this garden. It is easier to experiment with them and create a new, fresh, both color and compositional solution.

To ensure that the beautiful courtyard of a private house becomes elegant in spring as early as possible, in a small greenhouse near the garden grow a large number of flower sprouts.

One of the favorites of the last season was decorative cabbage - unpretentious, elegant. In autumn, when the garden is resting from the violent whirlwind of colors, decorative cabbage, which becomes only more beautiful and brighter after the first frosts, looks like a real queen of the garden.

Everything you do in the garden and in the yard with your own hands will delight you every minute.

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