Types of LouisVuitton men's bags and accessories

The days when a crimson jacket and a large leather purse were a sign of a man’s style are long gone. Nowadays, a solid person must necessarily have a stylish bag. And in the men's collection of the Louis Vuitton trading house there are plenty to choose from.

But a briefcase, suitcase or messenger is not only an accessory for bragging, it is also a very important functional element of the attire. After all, documents, gadgets, keys and personal items need to be carried with you. But do not shove them into the pockets of a business suit or tight jeans? Depending on the type of activity and lifestyle, men's Louis Vuitton handbags are selected.

For business people, models of roomy portfolios for a large number of documents with durable pens will be the best option. These are various collections with a Leather prefix.

Active young people will like instant messenger bags. These are square or rectangular accessories with one or more handles over the shoulder.For the transport of document folders, you can purchase a product of the appropriate sizes in the Damier Ebene Canvas, Damier Graphite Canvas and Utah Leather lines. But in the collections of the Damier Geant Canvas and Monogram Canvas presents products of small dimensions for keys, gadgets and personal belongings.

A special category is the LV suitcase. Travel bags are represented by suitcases on wheels, hard cases and soft travel bags. In the last category in the autumn-winter 2014-2015 season, a novelty appeared - a cylindrical suitcase on the shoulder handles.

A kind of accessories for the traveler are backpacks of the trading house. Louis Vuitton does not have a separate line, designed only for this kind of bags. Therefore, the backpack is in almost all collections. This accessory is made from a single piece of leather or durable textiles with a distinctive print and is equipped with a variety of functional accessories.

Louis Wyton wallets will be an excellent addition to the image of a stylish man. The purse can be selected taking into account the color of the bag, since the materials used to create them are identical. Accessories of this ruler are presented by a rectangular purse with one or two branches on a snake.There are models with a handle for comfortable carrying. You can also choose a product that visually resembles a traditional purse or bag that is attached to the belt.

With these features in mind, the choice of accessories for men from Louis Vuitton should be approached responsibly. Before buying, you should analyze the preferences, lifestyle and colors of the wardrobe of the future owner.

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