Paper Lamp Underwater Adventure

Once upon a time there was a simple ceiling made of thin paper on the shelf of the store and he dreamed of being transformed. And once he was taken to decorate the children's room. Kids, as you know, love everything bright and magical, so it was decided that the flashlight would turn into an aquarium. The materials needed were the simplest: • cheap paper ceiling, • • paints: watercolor and gouache, • brushes of different thickness, • funny napkin with fish, • PVA glue (you can take a special for decoupage), • scissors • • water. The most simple materials were needed
First we need to collect n ash ceiling to make it easier to paint.
 our ceiling
Next, on the palette we plant several shades of blue, blue, violet and green. In general, all marine colors.
 sea colors
Now we need a wide and soft brush,which we will apply the lightest shades of blue and blue. In these lanterns inside there are metal guides that support its shape. Along them we will draw the waves. Smears should be free and wide. It is most convenient to turn the flashlight around its axis and apply paint. Do not be afraid to go beyond the outlined contours.
 outlined outlines
The paper is so tender that when you draw the bottom strips, the upper part will already dry out. Now we take a thinner brush and draw more waves with bright color. First, it will be blue curls.
 blue curls
Then - purple.purple And in the final - cold green .
 cold green
Easy negligence is welcome. Now we leave our ceiling to dry out and proceed to the decoupage. From a three-layer napkin we separate two unpainted layers. We will not need them.
 proceed to the decoupage
Now neatlyWe tear off individual elements of the picture: the uneven edge will better stick and merge with the basic base.
 basic basis
Think about how you will distribute the fish so that the final result looks harmonious. Further, PVA glue is diluted about 1: 2 and we begin to gently glue the pieces of napkin.
 glue pieces of napkin
Try to make it so that bubbles do not accumulate under the paper air, and she herself did not roll.
 Try to do
It is better to glue small fish in even rows, but as if they are actually diving in cheerful waves x. After all the fish are in the aquarium, you can add the final touches. Since the waves had already been drawn on my napkin, I decided to add some more waves with gouache. Of course, if you have a desire or you have not found such napkins, you can draw sea creatures yourself.
 marine life can be drawn
 sea ​​dwellers can draw
Ready lamp hang in the room and turn on the light. And now the real magic begins in the room and beautiful fish swim in the azure-turquoise sea.
 paper lamp adventures
In general, paper lamps are very fun and easy to decorate. You can use more simple techniques. For example, a flashlight painted with different shades of green and purple. In its creation, we used textured paper, the structure of which we underlined in color.
 paper lamp adventures
paper lamp adventures
From above glued fluorescent figures that glow beautifully in the dark.
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