Unexpectedly: Rihanna repainted blonde and she goes

The singer loves to experiment with her appearance, especially to dye her hair in different shades.

Many celebrities are very conservative in choosing hairstyles and hair colors and have never changed them in their lives. Recall the same Jennifer Aniston, who for 20 years has been painting curls with the same shade. However, there are celebrities who are willing to change the color and length of the hair constantly. One of the vivid examples is singer Rihanna, who recently published a snapshot on Instagram where she is blonde.

Photo: @badgalriri

The bright shade of hair of the singer is very, because it goes well with dark skin. Apparently, Rihanna had to spend about four hours in the colorist’s chair in order to lighten the curls to such a state.

In fact, this is not the first time the singer has become a blonde. This transformation was already in the past year, then it was repainted in order to shoot for the cover of the American version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, it had a more platinum color six years ago. And she constantly does staining of shatush (transition from dark roots to light tips).

But mostly Rihanna prefers darker shades: chocolate, black, blue. But when she has a playful mood, she can paint herself in red and even red.

Date: 16.10.2018, 12:13 / Views: 75235

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