Unusual goes to the decor of clothes with elements of lace

Lace is a great material for sewing. We have found for you the most beautiful ideas for decorating clothes with elements of lace. Beach top or bust decoration. Lace motifs can decorate the usual bust beige and flesh-colored and wear it under a blazer or as an option beach top.

Great idea that you can adopt. Rivets are superfluous, of course, but the idea itself is super!

The idea of ​​finishing a simple skirt. Once, a completely simple skirt was “vital” necessary, but now you don’t want to wear it ...))) But black lace in bulk bins !!!)))) What is not an option?)))

Sometimes you really want to have a designer suit, but sometimes the cost of money is like a submarine! then we adopt such an idea from the podium ... -and beauty !!!!

Just simply lace motifs and pieces of satin ribbons, strewn on the blouse ...)))))

Then came a selection of options for repairing your favorite things, if some spot was planted or something else - what to close? The abyss of interest.Well, of course, no one forbids the use of these ideas from scratch - it is completely stitched together with this idea ...))))))

Also designer sweater, he's closer - in detail ...)

Also an option for repair, and to create ...)))

This is how you can decorate the usual bust of beige-skin color with lace motifs - and put it on under a blazer or as an option for a beach top ...)))) you need nothing at all:

Option beautiful dress finishes ....)))))

More ...)))) Optically slim !!!!

It hooked both about the lace pattern, and as a visual aid, HOW a lace appliqué is created ...))))) If you put on a grid with markings on a dummy, the process is accelerated, I suppose, many times!))) )

Ideas with lace from the 50's ...)))))))

If for some reason you need to fix the hem of your denim shirt, or lengthen it, then this option will be quite useful. And it looks much more spectacular than just a clipped bottom or put up - even VERY neat ...))))

A variety of decoration or - again - repair, alteration, restoration, revival of the beloved thing, spoiled by a spot-hole ...)))

If a whim comes to sew a coupon lace suit, then an option could be:

How to lengthen the skirt? You can use all the same lace!

Give charm unpretentious dress? easily !!!!

Another option for lengthening the dress with lace is to cut off the hem, the cut piece is useful, so cut carefully, sew the lace, then sew the cut strip of dress fabric to the lower edge of the lace, applying it to the face of the lace, and in the inside of the lace - contrasting bright silk - for example, pink. Effectively? still would!!!!

Lace can and slightly increase the skirt in volume: make lace wedges ...))))

And the decor again ...

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